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User Info: angerbox

5 years ago#1
you may now post your gaming opinions

User Info: specialkid8

5 years ago#2
What is this?
Maximum Overdrive 5 years ago#3
My opinion, Ascend is Xbox's response to God of War.
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User Info: specialkid8

5 years ago#4
What? It looks nothing like God of War, and don't you think it's too little too late for that anyway?

User Info: itslike

5 years ago#5
Maximum Overdrive posted...
My opinion, Ascend is Xbox's response to God of War.

That will more than likely fail terribly.
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User Info: weride2die

5 years ago#6
More like if God of War and SoC had a baby it would be named Ascend
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User Info: Tech9

5 years ago#7
It's an action RPG, more like Dark Souls (I guess).

Watch the video at Gamespot -

It will be pretty sweet for an XBLA game. Hopefully $15 and that is usually worth it.

User Info: therallykiler

5 years ago#8
"My opinion, Ascend is Xbox's response to God of War."

Did you even look at this or just repost a title for a "What's at E3 thread" I've seen floating around?

It's not like God of War at all, thank you for perpetuating at least 1 message board stereotype. Marketplace, Game Guides and FAQs, collective experience of 1000's of players at your fingertips. Check us out!

User Info: BlazingxPaddles

5 years ago#9
Smells more of Dark Souls to me. At least, conceptually.

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