Where is this game set?

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User Info: Myths_of_Myself

5 years ago#21
Personally, I see it as an honour (yes, we spell it with a U in our country) that they've made a game set in my country. Unless it turns out the player character is an IRA terrorist or an American who shouts 'That was for Wyoming!' after killing someone.
"Oh I will, I'll shout if that happens, yes... something like... 'I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS!'"
The Doctor

User Info: ssj_duelist

5 years ago#22
Wooh awesome, it's set in my country. That's so rare, defenitly going to buy this then.
Currently anticipating: Pokemon Black 2/White 2, Resident Evil 6, New Super Mario Bros. 2, GoW: Ascension and All-Stars Battle Royal.

User Info: Arathyrion

5 years ago#23
Let us hope that the characters have British accents, preferably a mixture of northern and southern.
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