Jump scares.

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User Info: ItIsOkBro

5 years ago#1
I'm wrong for the right.

User Info: hawkeye 41

hawkeye 41
5 years ago#2
Welcome to The Wonderful World of Hawkeye41's Grammar!
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User Info: fhqwghad

5 years ago#3
Are not scary; just annoying.
And with that, I'm gone.

User Info: sythe343

5 years ago#4
based on your guys' comments i'm assuming you've all had bad experiences with jump scares. It's been my experience that most of the people that hate jump scares just don't like the idea of being sneaked up on or being out of control.

Jump scares are just as useful as seeing glimpses of something, shadows in the dark, and ambient sound...they are all meant to keep you on edge.
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User Info: thefinal7

5 years ago#5
I love jump scares, they're the best imo. Seeing glimpses of things don't really frighten me, but they're still pretty cool.
Why are people so damn hung up on X anyway?
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User Info: TMW001

5 years ago#6
thefinal7 posted...
I love jump scares, they're the best imo. Seeing glimpses of things don't really frighten me, but they're still pretty cool.

I say jump scares are there best when random points and not the same locker or door make them far better at what they are supposed to do.

User Info: soulofninjasoul

5 years ago#7
Jump scares are absolutely awesome.
Some of the BEST survivor horror games had them- RE1,RE2,Silent Hill 1&2, etc.
I'm dissapointed at the lack of jump scares in games- IMO, there is no such thing as a
"Cheap" scare....

When you get scared, you get scared. Your body doesn't know the difference.
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User Info: CrapFactory

5 years ago#8
Startles are cheap.

There's 3 factors in survival horrors.

-Startling Scares (Jump Scares?) where even a My Little Pony could scare you if it popped out of nowhere fast enough when you didn't expect it. Jump scares... cheap. However they can be good if the rest of the stuff is good.

-Tension. Some people consider this fear for some reason. Amnesia was heavy with it. However I don't consider it fear. It's another topping like Startles. Good if the main body is good.

-True actual fear. This is the hardest to mimic. Get immersed in something enough, be afraid of what's around the corner. Not wanting to play it at night. If this part isn't right I wouldn't call something a horror. You cannot have just jumps and tension in a horror game.
This is why stuff like Left 4 Dead isn't horror.
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