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Help with a debate

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User Info: Th3DaRkGaM3R

5 years ago#1
My friend and I are having a debate and it's not going anywhere so we need help. Which is a more realistic zombie apocalypse game Dayz or Zombiu? If you don't know what Dayz is check out
Thanks in advance for answer.

User Info: Chesluk

5 years ago#2
Probably Day-Z given the various types of injuries. You get shot, you start losing blood and your vision gets whacky, fall too far and you break your leg, take too much damage and you'll start shaking. I'm not sure how realistic ZombiU gets, but I doubt it'll beat a milsim like Arma2.
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User Info: Soluix

5 years ago#3
I've giving DayZ a whack at my buds place. Pretty darn nice. and what Chesluk says is true. But doesn't DayZ have an "Antidote" to the infection or whatever? On ZombiU get bit once and you are out of there as it should be.
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