No Online Multiplayer = Pointless and dumb.

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User Info: Tottentanz

4 years ago#81
HEDGESMFG posted...
This is coming from a man who hasn't renewed his XBL gold membership in 2 years, from someone who prefers single player games, and from someone who has a Wii U preordered for day 1 with 3 games also reserved... Furthermore, I've actually played the Wii U and ZombiU in person.

You people who act like no online play (when offline multiplayer is included) is a good thing? You're deluded idiots. Yes, time spent developing a good single player campaign is vital, but they've already developed a split screen multiplayer mode. Setting up online play comes out to maybe a bit of extra coding and testing. Not actually that much different. A lot of games do need split screen these days, but ignoring online play is a big mistake... Period, and only points to Nintendo's continue lack of readiness for online play. Something which will hurt them in the long run if they don't start taking it more seriously.

I promise you, this game has no online multi because Nintendo hasn't figured out a good system for it yet. Yes, it is a launch title, so that is somewhat forgiveable, but this is the flagship launch title in what is supposed to be Nintendo's attempt to recapture their lost marketshare with core gamers. Not getting online multiplayer done for this game is a big mistake.

Where to begin?

Ubisoft is publishing it, Ubisoft debeloped it, it is using an engine/programming originally intended for the last gen systems, this is survival horror not survival, and online needs more than a couple lines of code to work.

Nintendo isnt having problems with their online, Miiverse is going to be there on day one and so will TVii. There are a lot of third party games coming day one with online, so you lashing out not knowing what is going on makes you look bad, not us.

Ubisoft made the smart choice to keep the game survival horror style with some online influence that encourages you to put people on your friend's list who are also playing that game to leave each other messages and of course the spawn in of infected friends with the dash for the prize.

I would go on a long rant repeating what I said before, but your post doesnt warrant it actually. You came here to pick a fight while being uninformed on the situation, so go do some reading on what actually is going on then come back.

PS: Why not go to the Silent Hill boards and demand online for the sequels, I am sure they will welcome it, right?
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  3. No Online Multiplayer = Pointless and dumb.

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