where is the online multiplayer?

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User Info: Tottentanz

4 years ago#21
I repeat, it is a survival horror game. You would not expect a multiplayer mode for Silent Hill. The on-couch play is likely only there because they showed off RED. The game has tons of replay value if you read anything about it, and if you havent, here is a list:

*multiple endings
*not one clear path
*multiple story lines possible
*items hinted at for collectibles on top of items confirmed for gun crafting
*leader boards
*hardcore mode- one life with no one to spawn back as
*open world leaves plenty of room for exploring

Even Deadspace3 had sense enough to drop online multiplayer because it did not work for them.

If you want to nag at a game that should have online multiplayer then go to the newest Army of Two game that dropped online altogether including much of what made that series silly and fun.

I just do not understand why so many people want to devalue this game by trying to turn it into a clone of another game. Just because there are zombie games with weak story lines and single player campaigns, which the game was only saved by throwing in online functions does not mean that every game that has zombies need it.

Online would only give more things to complain about, turn it into a clone of a certain survival games, or make it a clone of DayZ where co-op would be the last thing in most people's minds when killing people for their gear is so easy.

User Info: DBPanterA

4 years ago#22
Killeryoshi8 posted...
I thought the Wii U would have better online capabilities? So far I'm missing launch titles with online multiplayer.

CoD: BLOPS 2 and AC: III say hello. . .

There are games with on-line play. I am actually looking forward to this game because it doesn't have on-line, but rather allows me to play a genre of game where my actions have consequences and I can enjoy in it's entirety and feel it was a good purchase.

I initially did not believe I would get this game. However, the more I read/watch ZombiU, the more I want it. Some of the folks at Game Informer magazine (based in my hometown) that have spoken about the Wii U have said this is the game to buy.
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