Did the chances of this scoring higher than RE6 just go UP?

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User Info: lp913

5 years ago#1
Did the chances of this scoring higher than RE6 just go UP? - Results (65 votes)
It sure did!
76.92% (50 votes)
6.15% (4 votes)
4.62% (3 votes)
What u talkin about?
6.15% (4 votes)
Can't give an answer either way
6.15% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Well despite mixed reviews for RE6, its seems that the survival horror genre has a BIG opening since it seems we've haven't had a good new release since RE: Revelations. ZombiU is coming up, and so far the only skepticism to this game is the fact that it is a Wii U launch game. BUT despite RE6 shortcomings, do you guys think this increases the chances of ZombiU picking up the dropped ball from RE6 or is it just a pipe dream? Don't forget to vote in the poll and share your opinions!
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User Info: Brady672_AT_fan

5 years ago#2
I think it certainly did.

Actually, I was always sure it would score above RE6. This game harks back to what Resident Evil should've been.
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User Info: mogstone

5 years ago#3
I think it's chances were already good enough, I reckon ZombieU gets an 8.5-9.0.

RE wasn't that exciting since the beginning... and I'm a huge fan.

User Info: Madness2012

5 years ago#4
Does it really matter.....

User Info: Bancario51

5 years ago#5
well this is basically horror not action like re6
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User Info: Vorgier

5 years ago#6
Are you seriously trying to compare apples and oranges?


User Info: DBPanterA

5 years ago#7
Honestly, I have not played many games in the survival horror genre, and have been playing for 25 years.

However, ZombiU looks great and can't wait to play it on Nov. 18th!

Cricket Bat All Day Long!

I also intend on rocking headphones in the Gamepad and playing this game late at night to get me in the zone.
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User Info: Nether_Ruler

5 years ago#8
ZombiU getting better reviews than RE6 is pretty much guaranteed at this point.
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User Info: Hawke0

5 years ago#9
RE6: 66 on Metacritic
It's almost impossible for ZombiU to do worse.
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