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User Info: JourdanM

5 years ago#51
GS is a joke. I pre-ordered and think it looks pretty cool. Will
Be interested to read the Kotaku review, they seem to be about the only worthwhile, trustworthy source these days.

User Info: Runeweaver

5 years ago#52
link not about zombie u,but shows how trustworthy gamespot reviews are.

User Info: goothgone514

5 years ago#53
sidious360 posted...
They gave RE 6 a 4.5 and the whole review was about him hating QTE and how he kept dying because he didnt bother to control the camera...given re6 isnt a great game but it didnt deserve a 4.5.

i find it odd that this big reviews that give low scores get on the net a few days before the game's release.

imho i trust independent reviews

RE 6 is straight garbage

User Info: CaptainRandom1

5 years ago#54
Seemed to me like the reviewer was scared that he might lose his weapons so he only used the bat, and he did not like the WiiU controls because they left him vulnerable to attack so he gave it a 4.5
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User Info: Undead_Yakuza

5 years ago#55
YoYoLeFtToRiTe posted...
Undead_Yakuza posted...
CronoFrank posted...
I want to smack the reviewer's head with a cricket bat. And people rely on that kind of *** ?

That's a threat, so stop that s***, right now. It is nothing but a review, and the reviewer did not like the game. You might not like the fact that a game you are looking forward to playing is getting a poor review, but that doesn't give you the right to act like a little psychotic brat.

That's no excuse to rate a game like this so damn low. I'm to this day surprised that people are still taking Gamespot reviews seriously. They are biased. They'll give that piece of crap that is Halo 4 a 9, yet they can't even give this a game a 7, or hell an 8? Give me a break. Godamn biased asses.

And furthermore, why do you insist upon the game getting a 7 or an 8? Do you want all games to receive an 8, thereby making any and all reviews irrelevant?

User Info: OoSubaruoO

5 years ago#56
Runeweaver posted...
link not about zombie u,but shows how trustworthy gamespot reviews are.

Metacritic doesn't seem any better either in that article.
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User Info: nodeerforamonth

5 years ago#57
I don't care about the 4.5 or the review. It still looked good to me!

User Info: Tottentanz

5 years ago#58
Read the review, and it is fair if the guy was dead set on not liking the game the way he phrased things.

Missions boiling down to step and fetch and yada yada yada. Then pretty much any game you pick up will have that even the games that get 10/10 can be stripped down to their base elements and revealed for their "boring" missions. Isnt 90% of Bethesda games really just task driven missions with the illusion of an open world giving you the illusion of having options and endless, but the actual plot/driving force is "go here" or "do that."

I would also like to add that as I have pointed out before that some people just dont get it. Just like motion controls, some people are not going to get how this adds anything to the game or this genre, and seeing that this guy found the use of the controller as an element that takes away from the immersion of the game just didnt understand how the tensions of the two screens works.

I mean, after reading it, the person approached the actual campaign by the numbers and didnt seem to give the lore or newspapers much creed. This guy seemed like the type that might blaze through a BF game or MoH or even the new CoD game complaining the entire time but justify the entire experience for the multiplayer.

That's right, the only positive he found was the multiplayer, and yes, I think that is very telling of what kind of a gamer he is. Much like a wine drinker that prefers wine coolers over a fine dry red wine, this guy's taste or at least his review seems to hint that he prefers the sugary sweet instant gratification elements that certain games tack on for reviewers and gamers such as him.

Anywho, I understand why he didnt like it, and I also understand that there could have been a better reviewer chosen for this task; however, he got the opportunity to play it, and has given us an excellent example of why we shouldnt listen to reviewers because they are just giving us their opinion, jaded or not.

User Info: PrinceOfHot

5 years ago#59
So a review thats only accessible through an XBOX 360 video said it was bad? Laugh.

User Info: F_Wolf

5 years ago#60
Fr33z posted...
Isn't Gamespot the same website that blatantly bashed Skyward Sword because the reviewer refused to learn how to use the controls?

You mean, that terrible reboot where link and princess are high-school students with terrible controls?

God forbid.
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