clear the roof glitch video

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User Info: quinntendopower

5 years ago#1
well, i spent some time on the roof, thinking it was just this helicopter pilot not being good at his job.

turns out there was an invisible zombie that i could hear that i couldn't find. so i ended up losing a lot of progress.

User Info: RebornKusabi

5 years ago#2
I hit this glitch when I played the game the first playthrough. I just reloaded my save and it fixed itself, so I don't have any idea what triggered it.
"The whole ending to MGS2 is a clusterf***. The game was good and then *POW* La Li Lu Le Lo and S.O.P.A. for about 45 minutes." -hankyhank3416

User Info: ZAV1010

5 years ago#3
Nice video of this. :) Thanks for posting it.
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