This game is so great!!!

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User Info: MasterTK

4 years ago#1
Thank god I didn't believe any stupid reviewers - almost didn't buy this gem because of them!

Some people just doesn't seems to understand what survival horror means and are disappointed when you can't just run' n gun.

Right now I'm in London tower and this is the one the best game I've played for a long time and the best game on Wii U.

User Info: Jonnyd108

4 years ago#2
Yeah, I just finished it today and I really enjoyed it.
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User Info: JascoD

4 years ago#3
Best game on the Wii U? So far, thats for sure!

Hopefully, Aliens C:M will be worth it.
Itchy Tasty!

User Info: b1gt0ne

4 years ago#4
No doubt!! Glad you enjoyed:) Aliens WiiU is being praised by the developers, so I have faith it will be the best version.
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  3. This game is so great!!!

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