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Glitch at end of game? (HUGE SPOILERS)

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User Info: georgethecow4

4 years ago#1
I'm at the very end of the game, post credits. As soon as the playa or part started, I heard a loud scream and then it cut to hands falling on the floor. I was a black man and these are white hands, so it can't be my character. I can't move or anything no matter what I try. An I just out of luck now that I've hit the end of the game?
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User Info: Faceman_

4 years ago#2
Yeah, most of the cutscenes aren't in real time. Like when I got knocked out at the arena. My character was wearing a t shirt, but when it showed me get knocked out, I was in a suit. So, who knows.
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  3. Glitch at end of game? (HUGE SPOILERS)

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