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User Info: MindCrime2007

4 years ago#1
So I am got the ZombiU premium pack last week and have had a frustrating time with it since. I initially enjoyed it but am becoming more and more frustrated with the design.

I got around an hour or so in and made it to the supermarket. I did everything I needed to and began making my way back to the safehouse. I was attacked by around six zombies and died. I then woke up as a new survivor in the safe house and was informed that zombies were attacking the safe house and to prepare in 2 minutes.

Problem is, I was a new survivor and only had the cricket bat to defend myself against around 6/7 zombies. It's impossible. I know this game is notoriously difficult but to me it just seems like poor design. At this point, I feel like I have to delete my game and start over. But does this type of thing happen throughout? I am genuinely losing interest in playing the game.

Anyway, back to NSMBU.

User Info: mikelunt

4 years ago#2
This game has a tough learning curve - once you get past that though it is a trully brilliant game in my opinion - one of the best games I have played in a long time - I am gathering you died on the bit with the screamer - being new to the game - the strategy I would suggest is as soon as you take the barricade off & open the door - RUN diagonally to the left from that door - straight past the screamer & under the fence - keep running throuh door on left - then door on right & down the manhole - you have to know when to pick your fights in this game - being this early in it isn't worth picking this one - if you do want to fight them - as soon as you leave the door - through a flare - as they are huddling round the flare - run up & lay a mine near them - then back up - KABOOM. In regards to defending the safe house - a cricket bat is all you need - head to where you got the bat originally - slide under shutter & just wait for Zombies to crawl under - then smash their heads in - you can barricade both doors if you want - they rarey come through - the only thing you do need to watch out for is 2 zombies that usually drop through the opening in the ceiling - when they drop through though - they pretty much land flat down so one smash with the bat usually brings up the finisher

User Info: woody71

4 years ago#3
i had the same problem... thats why i now placed some mines around the first erea and always keep a good suply at the safe house

also standing in a doorway shoving and hitting zombies will make it alot easier
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