A couple of questions...*spoilers... kinda*

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User Info: TheKingOf-Kings

4 years ago#1
So I'm playing normal, but I wanted to survive the whole time with the first guy. And I was doing excellent. I get to he part where Sondra is sniping guys and you have to go and put C4 on the entrance to what I assume is the Tower of London, and as I'm doing this and evading zombies she blew me up. So now I'm so pissed at a fictional character you have no idea. Anyways my question was is there any point to surviving the whole time in Normal with the first guy?

And the other question was I've come across weird symbols that are the clue for opening a code locked door, and these symbols seem to have something to do with the Dee letters. I cannot figure it out ATM, but will I get more information that will help me figure out the code later?

User Info: crowe_1

4 years ago#2
There is no point to keeping your first survivor on normal mode, unless you want a higher survivor score. Also your gun skills will reset when you die, which sucks , but it's easy enough to build them up again.

With regard to the symbols you see around, things should become clearer later on in the game.
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User Info: TheKingOf-Kings

4 years ago#3
Thanks for the response.

I was hoping for something for beating it with Christopher/bald guy, but as long as I'm not missing anything I'll just play Survival later and keep going with my nurse.

Still, cannot believe Sondra killed me. And the only reason I was going forward so fast was because she was urging me to go faster. I hate her so much lol.

User Info: woody71

4 years ago#4
first one.
i lost my first survivor there aswell it sucks but the only benefit is getting a higher score for the scoreboard

second you will find out later in the game
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User Info: Tiporeal

4 years ago#5
I died my first time on Normal there so I guess Prepper was right after all, you will die and someone will take your stuff there.
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  3. A couple of questions...*spoilers... kinda*

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