This remake looks right up my alley

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  3. This remake looks right up my alley

User Info: crono72

5 years ago#1
Personally, I can't wait for it, so I took the plunge today. Looks like the original game but with a new fresh coat of paint. It's going to balls to the walls awesome!:)

User Info: KillbombX

5 years ago#2
How's the beta? Loved the original Painkiller but stayed away from the sequels due to the bad press.
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User Info: crono72

5 years ago#3
It's pretty freakin' sweet. The visuals have been revamped from scratch, the gameplay is the same experience as the original but an entertaining experience nonetheless(you get to kill an absurd amount of enemies ala Serious Sam which is fun in my book), and you get to listen to some metal playing in the background while mowing down enemies more than you can shake a stick at -- armed to the teeth and all, looks like a good remake in my eyes undoubtedly. Just in time for Halloween too.:)

This is a beta and I ran into some slowdown here and there while having a beefy graphics card, unexpected but this is a beta after all. The game doesn't look too demanding albeit Crysis, should run smooth as butter once the game launches as they had time to iron the bugs and all that jazz. Yep, this game is going to be one hell of a ride, no pun intended.:P

User Info: M_de_graaff

5 years ago#4
Ordered it last night and the beta is great in my opinion. Probably the most entertaining FPS I have played in years. It's more or less an improved version of Doom and Doom 2. Can't wait for October 31 when this game releases.

A few things I love:

The weapons are insane (in a good way).

Guns really have impact. You shoot something and its bloody corpse flies across the room.

No reloading, regenerating health and taking cover, just run, point, shoot and collect souls for health.

Finally a FPS where your enemies are not Arabs and/or Russians. Just the good old forces of hell.
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User Info: Necromeat

5 years ago#5
PK has always been one of my Favourite Fps , I just hope you can buy a boxed non steam version getting annoyed at Digital and Steam only.
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  3. This remake looks right up my alley

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