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User Info: StygianEmperor

4 years ago#1
"The original+expansion had 34 levels. This has 14. Of the levels that are in there, many have been chopped down and environments have been made smaller."

Don't be fooled into thinking this is a full remake of Painkiller Black Edition like I did. It's missing over half the game. I'm not telling anyone not to buy it, I just wish I had this information before I pre-ordered it myself.
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User Info: Acheron18

4 years ago#2
Thanks for the info. Was thinking of buying this but if it's only 14 levels I think I'll just stick to my black edition.

User Info: channelx99

4 years ago#3
I was disappointed to hear this too after I bought it. Though, is still the first good Painkiller game since the original.

Worth picking up if it goes on sale during the holday sales

User Info: TPulla02

4 years ago#4
Exactly the reason I decided not to buy it. It's a shame, really. Physics-based gameplay is the norm this generation and a complete Unreal Engine 3 remake of Black Edition would have been too awesome for words. Still, $20 for 14 levels and a brand-new engine isn't that bad. I can still remember playing the original game eight years ago and being amazed at how shotgun blasts tossed enemies into the air like ragdolls.
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User Info: Psycho_Kenshin

4 years ago#5
Now, maybe it's because there are so many games to play, and so little time ha, but personally hearing this is abridged isn't a minus for me. It might even be a plus.

It's on sale for 15 bucks on steam, so I just picked it up. I did enjoy the original back in the day as well.
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User Info: ShawBrothers

4 years ago#6
They plan to remake the rest of the levels and release them as dlc but it says right under the features on Steam it only has 15 levels and four of the bosses. If you wait for all the dlc to come you will get a better deal but Its on sale now and will be even cheaper during Steam's Christmas sale next month.

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