Fastest way to beat each chapter? (spoilers)

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User Info: MegaSlime

4 years ago#1
Trying to finish up some trophies then going to beat the game in Duo mode. What's the fastest way to get through some of these chapters?

Like for the Party, you can just let it go and leave the house
Hunted, faster to just let the police arrest you and escape 3 times?
Experiment, ending it early
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User Info: hyperskate65

4 years ago#2
You can leave the bar in 'Separation' before anything happens.
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User Info: MegaSlime

4 years ago#3
For Embassy, possess the guard in the 2nd level and have him jump off the balcony.
For the Condenser, fail the QTE when being attacked by all the scientist
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User Info: Lansfield

4 years ago#4
The bar scene isn't in separation. And you could also just get caught in the lab by the guard while trying to sneak out by not letting Cole speak.

User Info: hyperskate65

4 years ago#5
Oh, shoot, you're right.

And at my time in typing this I didn't know the second part.
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User Info: Jaghave

4 years ago#6
-walk out
-steal atm
-beat thugs
-go to sleep
-just open gro door screw alarm
-give birth
-die in fire
-jump out window in hospital
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User Info: fernantendo

4 years ago#7
Let's see, here are a bunch of things you can do to go fast:

- Experiment
Go to town with Aiden, but stop as soon as Jodie says to stop

- Imaginary Friend
Go to basement as soon as Jodie's mother says
Go out to play as soon as Jodie's mother says, after changing
Go straight to the left once outside

- First Interview
Go to the chair right away
Say NO or Shrug (if NO is not an option) to everything

- Party
Quickly change music after being told to do so
Go to the chair or sofa as soon as possible
Fail the dance
Choose NO to showing powers
Leave House

- Condenser
Ignore scientist in corner by not going near him
Fail QTEs in the following room, as things start flying towards Jodie

- Like Other Girls
Go to town on Jodie's room with Aiden
Once Jodie says to try something else, go to Cole, and possess him in middle of call
Choose all options but "Talk" so you get caught

- Separation
Change to Aiden, and listen in on Ryan and Nathan's convo
In Jodie's room, grab bag, and then leave (I'm 95% sure you need nothing from the room)

- Embassy
Possess guard, make him jump off 2nd floor

- Dinner
Don't clean apartment or set up table
Skip shower
Order pizza
Have Aiden do nothing while Ryan is there
Have Jodie say "No" to Ryan

More to come...
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User Info: fernantendo

4 years ago#8
- Mission
Don't sneak except when forced, use qtes to take down enemies, unless stealth kill can be done very quickly
At hotel, only look at vision on the ground, then jump off from nearby
Get captured by the group of armed men, then escape
At next hideout, only look at vision of map
Protect Jodie from bullets when she needs protecting
Hit R2 as soon as you can with Aiden possessing driver
Fail QTEs as soon as fight starts on top of running car
Possess the correct man, and have him get the gun from inside
Protect Jodie from child gunfire
Have Jodie fail to reach the cabin when getting away
Inside helicopter, choose to watch the news as soon as it appears

- Hunted
As soon as train stops, have Aiden notify Jodie in some way (bottle is fastest)
Get captured as early as possible in each of the three parts, then escape
First part, fail to get out the window of the train
Second part, lose qte's against dogs (I think that's earliest for that part)
Third part, fail at protecting Jodie in motorcycle
For escaping, 1st part and 2nd part is mostly straightforward, for 3rd part, attack wheels of the car

- Homeless
As soon as woken up, get up as soon as option appears, and head to gate outside
Go to ATM, use Aiden, get cash, as soon as you have control on how to earn money
Do not aid Stan when ganged up, simply wait
Turn in for the night as soon as dinner can be put down
Only turn off camera and open shutters when robbing supermarket (do camera first)
Forget about the heating during baby delivery
Save only Stan and Tuesday
After saving Tuesday, go to top floor and fail qtes
At hospital, go straight to the door, then after cutscene, straight to window

- Navajo
Stay in room during first night
During 1st day, do only the chores, and go straight to Jay after lunch
Don't save Paul, and fail ritual

- Norah
Very little to cut down in this chapter, simply leave Norah alive

- Dragon's Hideout
Go out the door of cabin as soon as possible
Confess during interrogation
Get caught inside the base by moving forward
Run back to stairs as fast as possible after setting time bomb and huge spirit chases you
Fail QTEs when running to get back to submarine (the fight with general matters little whether failing or not in terms of time)

- Black Sun
There are many little things to do that can help move things a bit faster, but they are all minor
Mainly, don't sneak during sneaking part, and leave Cole behind

And that's all I found. There are many other ways to go fast, such as figure out which conversation choices are faster. But on the whole, they are minor. Generally, choosing the top option of a list of conversation topics tends to move things along faster.
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User Info: Kupin

4 years ago#9
If playing in Navajo chapter, there's not much things that can be skipped to speed things up, other than not interacting or speaking with other stuff/people. I think if you try to purposely fail the QTE scenes, Aiden will try to heal Jodie, which just makes things more longer.

Some stuff in Navajo that can be done or/and skipped to speed up the gameplay include:
- Don't perform hitchhike; just go straight to the rocks
- Not checking the front door in first night
- Don't drink coffee; just go straight to the door
- Use Aiden immediately to take a hay without climbing ladder
- Speak to Jay without speaking to other people after lunch
- Slowly move to the horse; Ashkii without getting it scared so you don't repeat it again
- Don't choose Persist to ask thing to Paul and go straight to front door
- Don't tell Jay that you have a dark secret.
- Use Aiden to inspect two ancient items, without letting Jodie to interact by herself
- Skip healing Paul (if you don't mind about the ending anymore)

User Info: MegaSlime

4 years ago#10
Nice! Except I gotta extend some chapters because I gotta collect some of the bonuses for trophies also...

I also gotta let everyone die in this playthrough.
"Why is it whenever someone says 'with all due respect' they really mean 'kiss my ass'?"-Ashley, Mass Effect
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