Suitable for my son to play?

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User Info: kraze999

4 years ago#1
he suffers from acute paranoid schizophrenia and related delusional disorders.

User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#2

First off, im not sure anyone believes you. That just seems like something strange to put on an opening post. Next, how does anyone follow that type of question. so its best to just ignore this post.

that that said, I never take the safe road, I am always on the fringe. so here I am, to follow your post, with a ' I dont know".

Im not sure you could call this a game. I guess its a game, because you play it, but its not a game I would enjoy for more then 10 minutes. This remminds me of that little game, that is for move, that you create a puppy, or monster, or some small animal, and you teach him to do tricks, and wash him and stuff. Sure it was cute, but my daughter played for 15 minutes and got borded.

I think this might be a waste of time, and money. I hate to say that, because its not like I can do better. but I just dont see a big calling for this.

Now, if you could do SOMETHING with the spells, there was this little rpg story, that you walked along, and you learned new ones, and your needed your old ones to complete your quest, that would be a GAME. but not just sitting on the floor, doing spells for 2 hours, over and over and over and pant, over.

Keep your eyes open for more videos, maybe there is more to be seen. Enjoy your day. Good luck.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan.

User Info: BloodShotEye

4 years ago#3
This game/book could make the related delusional disorders worse, being that this is a made up world.
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  3. Suitable for my son to play?

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