The Donkey Kong game looked pretty good.

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User Info: Sakurafanboy

5 years ago#1
From the trailers of Nintendo Land we've seen, so far the Donkey Kong game (forgot its exact name) is my favorite. I do think it'll be one a lot of people will spend a decent amount of time on.

The Animal Crossing one is one I'm kind of... ehh on. I love the Animal Crossing series and that mini-game really doesn't do the series any sort of justice (imo at least).

If this winds up as a pack-in title it'll have the Wii beaten hands-down.
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User Info: KingOfGames915

5 years ago#2
DK's Crash Course is pretty fun and somewhat challenging (I only got to play it for a few minutes).

Animal Crossing Sweet Day is also a lot of fun with the full 5 people playing (seems the person with the gamepad wins most of the time. Then again I think the other players I played with were kinda just bad at paying attention and running away).
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  3. The Donkey Kong game looked pretty good.

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