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User Info: Hejiru206

5 years ago#1
Which attraction are you most excited for? - Results (33 votes)
The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest
9.09% (3 votes)
Metroid Blast
36.36% (12 votes)
Animal Crossing: Sweet Day
3.03% (1 votes)
Mario Chase
15.15% (5 votes)
Luigi's Ghost Mansion
6.06% (2 votes)
Pikmin Adventure
21.21% (7 votes)
Balloon Trip Breeze
0% (0 votes)
Donkey Kong's Crash Course
0% (0 votes)
Takamaru's Ninja Castle
0% (0 votes)
Captain Falcon's Twister Race
9.09% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Since GameFAQs only allows ten options for polls and we've seen 10 of the 12 games, I thought now would be a good time to make a poll.

Competitive Attractions: The Gamepad player vs. Wiimote players
-Animal Crossing Sweet Day: Eat and Run
-Luigi's Ghost Mansion: Haunting Hijinks
-Mario Chase: Hot Pursuit

Team Attractions: The Gamepad player and Wiimote players work together
-The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest: Archery and Swordplay
-Metroid Blast: Deep Space Shootout
-Pikmin Adventure: Tame the Wilderness

Solo Attractions: Single player with the Gamepad, but Wiimote players can "assist" in minor ways
-Takamaru's Ninja Castle: Throwing Star Showdown
-Donkey Kong's Crash Course: Full Tilt Obstacle Course
-Balloon Trip Breeze: Float with the Wind!
-Captain Falcon's Twister Race: Race Against Time
-Yoshi's Fruit Cart: On the Snack Trail
-Octopus Dance: Undersea Party Grooves!

Here's short clips of the nine currently revealed games:

We have only seen a little bit of Captain Falcon's Twister Race:

And we haven't seen anything about Yoshi's Fruit Cart or Octopus Dance.

You can see more detailed gameplay of each on YouTube.

The game has different modes, and we saw the Zelda game being played single player, so I assume that the other multiplayer games can also be played single player.

Here's the logos for each game:

And the game icons:
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