Is my Friend a Nintendo Land Hater/Troll?

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User Info: Ritster21

5 years ago#1
Me: I am going to buy the Wii U Deluxe Model with Nintendoland.

Friend: Lololol fail! They should have gone for hardcore with that game. Since its their pack in game and supposedly Nintendo and wii u is going hardcore. Although actually everything is pointing to the opposite now.

Me: Reviewers say Nintendoland is a very fun game.

Friend: Maybe but that's not what we're talking about. It could be in and all but it's still a casual title. And Nintendo should have gone core with it

Me: Why?

Friend: Because of all the reasons I mentioned.

Me: What were those reasons?

Friend: Lol casual is a fail. Casual is only good for casuals. I thought you were core? And Nintendo said they are going core or going core with wii u or both I forgot. Makin Nintendo land casual is a fail.

Me: Casual players greatly outnumber hardcore players. Nintendo knows making a "casual" game will sell more Wii Us.

Me:Nintendo is going "more" core with Wii U. They still want to keep their casual audience

Friend:So you're okay with that? Talk about a Nintendo Fanboy. It's the same thing they did with Wii which equals fails in everything except sales.

Me:Sales are the most important thing for any company.

Friend: So they're still selling out and not caring about the core except now just not as much.

Friend:Yeah for a company, so who cares

Friend: We (consumers) don't care about that. It's not something we should care about. We care and should care about us since we're the consumers.

Me: So then how is Nintendoland a fail?

Friend: Nintendo selling out again is the same thing as Wii.

Friend:I never said its a fail. I said its a fail its a casual title. Stop damage controlling.

Me:So, casual titles are bad now?

Friend: LOL. I'm not going to bother you're just trying to defend them and damage control. Fanboys aren't important so I won't bother.

Me:yeah, yeah and you're just a hater. Haters aren't important

Friend:. Lol I'm not. I'm just saying the truth.

Me:uh huh sure. What truth are you talking about?

Friend: Lol How is nintendoland Being casual good than? Sales?

Me: For Nintendo, yes sales

Friend: Lolol. Exactly.We're not Nintendo. We dont car about sales

Me:and for me, because I can play with my brothers

Friend: You can play wih your bros in a core game, that's not a reason

Friend: I mean its not a valid reason

Friend: Sales- only for Nintendo we don't care about that, we haw nothing to do with that. You play with bros you can do that with core games

Me: and likewise with casual games

Friend: Yeah that's comepletely different.This is why it's pointless talking to you when ou have our Nintendo defense cap on. We're talking about why its a fail or not that Nintendo land is causal. I said mine. You're sayin yours. Sales we dot care about that. In a certain extent yes, but that's completely different and another topic. And doesn't go with what were talking about. Your lame excuse that its better that its casual because its a causal title isn't valid because you can do that with core titles too. Okay so both are invalid, anything else?

Friend: The whole point here is that you're trying to show why nintendoland Being casual is a good thing. You know it's not, you could have just stopped being a loser and said yeah

To be continued:

User Info: Ritster21

5 years ago#2
Me: What the heck? I don't have to prove anything to you. You came out here first saying Nintendoland is a fail because it is casual without giving any reasons whatsoever and you want me to prove why Nintendoland is not a fail? You are just hating.

Friend: I'm not hating. Nothing I said is hating. You should learn what hating is before using it

Me: Why don't you prove to m why Nintendoland is a fail since you started hating out of nowhere without any reasons to back it up?

Friend:I already did

Me: No you didn't. All you said was that it was a fail

Friend: Lol yes I did. Twice I think. Read above

Me: No, all you said was that they should have gone hardcore with it. Nintendoland fail

Friend: Sigh. It's a fail Because Nintendo said Thy are going core or are going core with wii u or both to get the core back. That's te point of wii u

Me: No, I think they are going for a more "balanced" system. Hardcore and casual.

Friend:If the pack in game is a casual game what does that tell us (consumers, gamers)?

Me: It tells consumers that we are getting a free game.

Friend: It's very simple The only reason you cannot understand that is if you don't want and refuse to or refuse to admit it and try to make up excuses. And you just admitted Nintendo was casual before without knowing. Great job.At least you finally admitted it

Me: sigh you are such a troll

Friend: Lol why am I even Having this conversation I don't care

Me: I don't know. You started it lol

Friend: Yeah since I'm a forum person and I troll. (Note: This was said by him sarcastically).

Me: This is Facebook. My brother also called you a troll, so there is justification for that.

Friend: Lmfao. This isn't the Internet world. This isn't forums Or comment sections on game sites.

Me:Trolls exist in real life too

Friend: Trolling? lmao. W.e Peace

Me: Finally, see ya

Friend: Lol ok

What are your thoughts? Is my friend a troll and/or hater?

User Info: ima420r

5 years ago#3
How many boards are you posting this in?
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User Info: OtherSuperPhil

5 years ago#4
This comes off as some incredibly lame fan-fiction of someone who doesn't have an actual friend trying to come off as someone who does by making some awful story about a "discussion" with their "friend."

Most stupidly overused words on GameFAQs: rehash, shovelware, troll, fanboy, gimmick, casual, hardcore

User Info: PsienceWins

5 years ago#5
OtherSuperPhil posted...
This comes off as some incredibly lame fan-fiction of someone who doesn't have an actual friend trying to come off as someone who does by making some awful story about a "discussion" with their "friend."


Reverse trolling. One of my many talents.

User Info: overkillwfo1978

5 years ago#6
Our boy Rister here has a total of 48 posts and I would venture to say that all 48 are him posting this exact same "conversation" on different Wii U game and system boards.
"Then we figured out that we could just park them in front of the tv, that's how I was raised, and I turned out tv"

User Info: gazimon

5 years ago#7
Can we please be more realistic with our Reviewing Schemes people?

0/10 would rather drink piss than read this again.
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User Info: CBMatt

5 years ago#8
All I know is that if someone is using "fail" as an adjective and/or a noun, they automatically lose.

User Info: LordBowser

5 years ago#9
OtherSuperPhil posted...
This comes off as some incredibly lame fan-fiction of someone who doesn't have an actual friend trying to come off as someone who does by making some awful story about a "discussion" with their "friend."


Going with this. No one gets into debates with casual/hardcore with a 'friend' in real life.

Besides, this game is pretty intense. It has casual gameplay, but it is excessively hard to master. I think Nintendo did a great job catering to both crowds with this one, but rest assured that 'hardcore' players won't be playing this one simply out of blind ignorance.
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User Info: pikmintaro

5 years ago#10
Ehhh that's some "friend" you've got there, seems like such a "nice" person, who really cares about other people, good thing he's a "hardcore" gamer because gaming is serious business.

And Video games certainly aren't about having fun no siree, it's all about being "hardcore" because being "hardcore" and playing "core" games is "cool" right? you want to be "cool" don't you? after all "hardcore" gamers are soooo "cool" right?

Anyways anybody who doesn't play this game because they think it isn't "hardcore" is really missing out imo.
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