So is this as good as Wii Sports as an introduction, of sorts, to the console?

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  3. So is this as good as Wii Sports as an introduction, of sorts, to the console?

User Info: GanonsSpirit

4 years ago#1
Just wondering. Thanks, Milleykins!

User Info: TAoR

4 years ago#2
Imagine Wii Sports if it was a fully developed game and not just a tech demo
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User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#3
Forget Wii Sports; this is better.

User Info: wordscansay

4 years ago#4
It's along the same lines with a few more games (much like Wii Sports Resort with motion plus), but I prefered Wii Sports of them all for the timeframe... If you like the minigames you'll like this game. I find them on par with sports resort for funfactor, but this has more to unlock/collect. It's also a better multiplayer game...
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User: Leon

User Info: wordscansay

4 years ago#5
If it wasn't bundled in the deluxe system I wouldn't own it... And I wouldn't be sad for missing out, but I'm sure there will be those who really like it.
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User: Leon

User Info: pikachuboy7

4 years ago#6
Wii sports was just a tech demo that did a moderate job of showing off the Wii's capabilities and by the end of the Wii's lifetime it wasn't even included anymore and was sold as a "Classic" for $20 that it wasn't exactly worth

Nintendo Land is a much better game to show how good the WiiU is with more games in it to show off the many features from motion control, all the buttons, touch screen, etc... also unlike Wii sports, this game has a great multiplayer experience where you can do multiple rounds of the same game and not get bored, unlike how Wii sports got boring very fast. Also unlike Wii sports, Nintendo Land isn't just an included game, it is a full retail game that is definitely worth the $60 at retail although the Deluxe package is a better deal.

Need i say more?
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User Info: MechaKoopa5000

4 years ago#7
I'm surprised to say it, but this is LEAGUES better than Wii Sports. Exceeded all expectations. And yet, that E3 presentation was still crap.

User Info: gallir

4 years ago#8
It's a better game tha Wii Sports, but Wii Sports blew my mind a lot more. I was stocked to play Wii Sports when it first came out. I also won't even get half the play time out of this as I got in Wii Sports (I decided I needed to get all 15 platinum training medals in Wii Sports which took a long time).

Just today I tried Nintendo Land with a friend for the first time and thought the multiplayer modes were hilarious (loved the ghost one). Going through some Zelda levels was pretty fun as well.
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User Info: Akaimizu

4 years ago#9
Wii sports was a pretty good introduction. However, though it isn't sports, nor does it have bowling in it; this is far more of a fully realized game package.

There's gameplay that is way more in depth than most multi-game packages. All of them seem to have a great deal of polish to them. But some games offer gameplay that would satisfy everything a core gamer would want in a package. Games like the Zelda, Metroid, and the Pikmin (for instance) provide almost completely different genres of gameplay based on which mode you want to play through the levels in. Even better, in multiplayer(local), you will play together in the same level, with two different game setups between you.

Zelda (Archer or swordsman mode) This one is obvious, but some may say it's not quite a change in genre. It is a different experience, though.
Metroid (Ship or on-foot mode) One is a ship-based shooter with relation to the old Descent games. The other offers more of a 3rd person shooter with Samus suit abilities.
Pikmin (Olimar or Large Pikmin mode) The first is like Pikmin, kind of a hybrid between Real Time Strategy and a Dungeon crawl. The second is closer to a straight up Dungeon Hacker.
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