Captain Falcon attraction - gamepad keeps jittering

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User Info: Namohysip

4 years ago#1
tl;dr on the bottom.

Hey, I've been trying to Platinum Captain Falcon's Twister Race or whatever it's called, and I know I'd be able to do it if it wasn't for the fact that the Gamepad screen seems to stutter now and again while I'm playing. Along with that, as many others have reported, I also experience the 'tilted slight to the right by the end of a section' problem. Once it got so bad that 'straight' becomes 'tilt at 90 degrees to the right'

I can't figure out the problem. I tried tilting the gamepad at many different directions---vertically, as the picture showed it, or somewhat more forward, but none of that stops the stutter. Sometimes the turning is different as well---for example, turning the pad at a 45 degree angle makes you only turn 30 degrees in the game. I tried not covering the black thing on the gamepad as well, and that didn't help. What else could be causing it? Interference?

tl;dr: Is there anything that could interfere with communications between the gamepad and the WiiU? Microwaves, bluetooth, a hand, the television itself if the WiiU happened to be placed behind it....

User Info: hokuto_master

4 years ago#2
My experience with Captain Falcons and getting all stamps is not as bad as yours thank god.

Are you really close to the TV ?
This may cause some problems if your very close to Wii U and T.V

Do you sit down when you play ?
Sitting down will cause the controller to be more out of sync than standing up, I know this sounds stupid, but the game is a hell of a lot easier if you play standing up and actually turn yourself in the direction as well as the pad. This allows for very sharp turning, with minimal off-centering. Is that even a word ?

Do you turn very fast ?
Turning the controller very fast will cause the game to be out of sync, again I recommend standing up and turning with the controller.

I have got all stamps using these ideas : )
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User Info: powerclaw1

4 years ago#3
Send it in to customer service.
This happened to me too, but the gyroscope was getting all freaky in the other attractions, the Plaza, and even the Internet Browser. Since I got it back, I haven't noticed any problems with Twister Race at all.
I think it's just a minor bug in the game, but you should call customer service and see what they say.
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User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#4
Happened to me, but I continued to playing it normally until I reached stop pit in order to reset the control. And yes, I can playing it with just 1 hand.
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