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User Info: BoxerElbird

3 years ago#1
Can somebody help research the origins of various things in this game? Examples include GEATHJERK soldiers (Dough-Goo= Dogu; and Cough-Foon= Kofun), bosses (Ohrowchee= Orochi), planets (Ewwmee= Umi), GEATHJERK officers (Wanna= Want to, Gimme= Give me), and the names of Rhullo and Guyzoch.

User Info: Kletian999

3 years ago#2
Planet CHIQ (alien name of Earth), pronouce it CHI-QUE, and it sounds like Chikyu, Japanese for Planet Earth,

Hyorga (2nd class Deathjerk killed by Vorrken)- Hyo is the character for Ice, and he supposedly had Ice powers.

Laambo= Rambo, see the hat and bandoliers.

User Info: thelastgogeta

3 years ago#3
Continuing from what Kletian999 posted, a lot of the names and such are based on deliberate distortions (romanisation but weird on purpose) from Japanese.

All of the enemies with "Die" in their name? Dai is pronounced like the English word "Die" and means big/great/grand. Prince Vorkken claimed that he went under the title "Vorkken Ohgee" elsewhere and like you may guess "Ouji" means prince in Japanese.

Ohdarko? "O" is also used in Japanese to reference great size and "tako" means Octopus.

"Kani" means Crab.

We should be helping out on Wikia for this game, but just look at the names here if you want to see everything at a moment's notice:

Had an extended glance that the IGN thing just now, all of the character that it claims are "non playable" are all playable characters in some sense whether it is a flight portion (P-Star) or available at length after you do the coursework. They also have no idea what is up with Wonderful Missions.
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