This, or NSMB2?

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User Info: logans_run_82

4 years ago#1
Poll Question - Results (3 votes)
3D Solitaire
33.33% (1 votes)
New Super Mario Bros 2
66.67% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Also, this is probs the first topic on the board, ever. dope.
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User Info: Playsaver

4 years ago#2
This game is very short to unlock everything. Good if you like klondike solitaire. But certainly not up to NSMB2's lvl.
Oh, and here is a simple tip to get lot of points.
Complete runs of K-2. They're worth 1000 points each. If things go well you'll get 4000 points just from completing 4 of them.
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