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User Info: BorkPizza

4 years ago#1
What control schemes do you guys use and prefer? I personally have been using the Classic Controller (Regular CC) and it would be nice if i could switch the brake and gas to L and R. Wish sega would have put this in for people that dont have the CCP. I am finding that driving with the gamepad is fun too.

User Info: abigexplosion

4 years ago#2
I like using the gamepad. The classic controller is decent too but I find the gamepad fine. It's surprisingly comfortable for how big it is.
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User Info: torNATEo

4 years ago#3
I don't mind using the gamepad, but I usually prefer to play with the Pro Controller instead, it just feels more natural.
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User Info: OphieII

4 years ago#4
I use the GamePad with motion steering on. (Am I the only one here who does this?)
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User Info: Great_STreasure

4 years ago#5
S0L over at the SEGA Forums (that's Steve Lycett, who is pretty much the founder or whatnot of SUMO Digital) mentioned that he pitched this over to the others who were on the development team, so we could see custom controls in the future. Hopefully that gives hope for the Wii CC players.
The Gene Wedge board in particular.
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