Rage Quitters

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User Info: ValkyrieXVIII

4 years ago#11
Wrong again Bob, try again. I have 158 losses, Most high rating players have less than 40.

User Info: LorenaLarue

4 years ago#12
Weird that I kept on coming in 2nd place against this one guy who always came in 1st and in the 1 race that I was just about to beat him in he disconnects.

Later in Miiverse he's complaining how a glitch reset his rating from 1600 to 1100.

User Info: C_Money17

4 years ago#13
From: ValkyrieXVIII | #006
There are an exception of players who do quit allot and end up with a higher rating but the majority like myself just simply win 9/10 of our races and have no need to quit.

From what I've seen, it's the exact opposite on the PS3. The majority of the higher-rated players always quit when they lose a race. Honestly, I've had more trouble with 1200-1400 rated players (like myself) more than anything else. This is why I preferred the "no stats" take on online racing that the first game had, because the points system in this game is clearly not an indication of skill.

From: ValkyrieXVIII | #011
Most high rating players have less than 40.

Yeah, but there's really no way of knowing that they exploited their way to the top unless you've raced against and beaten them personally. Until players receive some sort of punishment for quitting before a race ends, I can't take the ratings system seriously.
Stop saying "epic", goddamn it. Also, "noone" is not a word. It's "no one".

User Info: ValkyrieXVIII

4 years ago#14
Yeah it's true, I posted a list of players who had 1500 ~ 1700 who quitted numerous times on me so I do acknowledge that higher rating players do it just as much. Unfortunately they're such a overwhelming amount of players with lower rating it only seems like they do it more, so yes I was in the wrong for that part.

User Info: DarkAdonis123

4 years ago#15
The people on this board don't even count for 0.1% of the total people who bought the game. What are you hoping to accomplish by posting a anti rage quitting topic on a board with like 12 regular users?
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User Info: MrX8991

4 years ago#16
In my time online (when I wasn't just sitting around trying to get it to work), the only rage quitters I've seen have been new people who quickly fell behind. They were usually playing splitscreen with someone so I can easily imagine they decided they'd just rather race each other and have a shot at winning as opposed to getting the snot kicked out of them.

Personally, I'm glad there's no penalty for disconnecting because it would likely end up the Mario Kart way: "We're sorry, your connection randomly dropped MINUS 100 POINTS!" Then again, I'd prefer for the ranking system to just go away anyways. It just encourages people to disconnect and for people like me who have a short temper to get mad over losing points by getting hit with tons of items in the last lap. Not to mention how it randomly forgets your rating/ratio anyways.

User Info: ValkyrieXVIII

4 years ago#17
^ I Kinda like the idea of rating being removed, maybe if the game had a separate record sheet next to your stats window, the one with time played, game completion etc and it kept track of how many times you got in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5 ~ 10th? Or just 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

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