Is it worth it?

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User Info: FerinFoxtrot

4 years ago#1
I am wondering this because I have played the first game, and liked it, but I was thinking about picking this up today, but I need to know if it is actually worth the $50 or I should get something else. Since Deadly Premonition directors cut is coming out at the end of the month, should I just get that?
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User Info: smiddy_the_sic

4 years ago#2
I played the first one over 180 hours and for me it was the best game this gen. I eagerly anticipated riptide and have not been disappointed thus far..hell I looked at my clock and it was 7pm, then 3 hours flew by as if in 1! But look at it as a sequel to the first and not an entirely new game. Plenty enough new features and changeup in environments to justify the $50 I say!
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