Poll: How would you rather have had them remake this?

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User Info: SouloAscian

5 years ago#1
How would you rather have had them remake this? - Results (67 votes)
Like the DS version but on the 3DS
4.48% (3 votes)
Like the DS version but on the Vita
1.49% (1 votes)
Full scale models on the 3DS
2.99% (2 votes)
Full scale models on the Vita
5.97% (4 votes)
Complete overhaul on recent-gen consoles
4.48% (3 votes)
Like the NES version but updated graphics
59.7% (40 votes)
Above option, but compiled with I & II also
8.96% (6 votes)
All your sardines are belong to us! Viva la Resistance!
11.94% (8 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Besides the PSP one that's already being made, how would you have rather had them do it? I also assume that since this is the most up-to-date version (although not yet released) that this board represents most of the FFIII fans, besides the DS board.
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User Info: xOmniCloudx

5 years ago#2
99% of people find this port pointless because it is. At this stage of the game it shouldn't be on PSP since it's all but dead. It should have been a 2D overhaul in the veign of FFI, II and IV. Game is the odd one out and it sucks. Plus the DS version was inferior to the original I feel anyway. DS version isn't even formally aknowledged in Dissidia. Though if they're going to be giving the PSP remakes it should have been V and VI since thus far they have none, only enhanced portsw (with worse sound and worse sprites).
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User Info: ToastyAnakin

5 years ago#3
I want FFIII 2D.

But this will make FF3 slightly more bearable. auto battle and superior graphics and music is an improvement...

I only wish there was some new content to justify this release.
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User Info: RedSwordMage

5 years ago#4
Where is my "Screw this game, remake FF5 or above" option?

Honestly, I think everyone else would've like a 2D remake.
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User Info: Yarott

5 years ago#5
Yes! Either a 2D remake, or a complete overhaul to the graphics! On the PSP, much like on the iPhone and Android versions, these "updated" graphics make everything seem cheaper than how it was on the DS. Cardboard cutouts for all buildings and forests are more apparent right now. Summons can be even MORE epic than just posing for an attack for 2 seconds. And the cutscenes can at least be voiced!

But no. None of that. I don't know who this new executive was that decided to make a cheap budget port for this title. Right now, it just seems that despite this title being the precursor and pioneer of MANY series staples, the company treats it as the black sheep. No respect for it. Shame on you, Square Soft/Enix!
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