Onion Knight Job *spoilers*

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User Info: kuraudo88

4 years ago#1
how do you get this in this version of the game?
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User Info: takotchi

4 years ago#2
Probably the same as the iOS version. There are tutorials/walkthroughs for getting the Onion Knight in that version, so check them out.

User Info: Foofyhead

4 years ago#3
It may have been from saving the children in Ur. You get a message asking to do so not too far in the game. I'm not positive that was the reward given, but it was around the same time anyway.
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User Info: RYUU1991

4 years ago#4
I got this Job when i defeated Salamander(Boss) in Molten Cave. Then speak to the Moogle.
Read the 4th Mail about Ur (Missing Kids). Then talk to Topapa in Ur then go to the
Cave where you started in the beginning of the game. Defeat the 3 Bombs then
you get the Onion Knight Job.

The Bombs can self-destruct which can hurt alot. it did 300-400 damage to my Knight.
and might able to do little more damage to others so becareful. Just use the highest
Ice spell , Ice Staves or Ice Battle item on the Bombs and on Salamander(Boss). and
always have a White Mage to heal your party.

Talk to the Moogle everytime you do something new.

If you get the Onion Knight Job don't level up as a Onion Knight until you are at LeveL 92
becuase they have sucky stats. but if you're LeveL 92 then level up as a Onion Knight
then all your Stats will start to rise very high. Making them the best Job in the game.

They can use any equipment but not the Class only eqiupments.and can cast LV1-8
White and Black Magic Spells.

User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#5
However like most FF games on this one I never won a single piece of the onion equipment and the job class itself kind of sucks without a complete set of all 4 onion equips PER PC equipped.
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