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User Info: FaxModem2000

5 years ago#1
Is this another bomb or is there some hope for this one?

User Info: gholin

5 years ago#2
I don't know about you but I don't consider Back in Action a bomb. It may not have been as solid as JA2, (which I loved, by the way), but I enjoyed seeing Arulco in a new way and the game was still a good JA game, in my opinion. Besides, those mods fix any issues people might have with it.

I bought BiA on Steam along with all it's DLC for about $7. After 70 hours of play liberating Arulco, and a desire to play the DLC and go through the game again, I'd gladly have spent full price for this unsung gem.

I've already pre-ordered Crossfire on Steam, so you could say there is some interest!

BTW, have you seen the arabian-style dudes with scimitars in the screens? Way cool!

User Info: FaxModem2000

5 years ago#3
Ah, didn't notice. I guess it's a good thing they supposedly fixed the melee issue then if you're going to have guys running around with swords.

User Info: ReyVagabond

5 years ago#4
Yeah, i bought it, BIA is not a grate game but i personaly i realy enjoy it, Crossfire is basicaly a Expation just a new map to have my fun with.
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User Info: scarecrows

5 years ago#5
It's really bad. Don't bother getting it. Not even turn based.
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