Anyone beat level 30?

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User Info: jimlad116

5 years ago#1
Not sure who else checks this board, but has anyone been able to beat level 30, "Stacking"? It's driving me crazy. I can't figure it out.

User Info: athenaxminerva

5 years ago#2
instead of stacking the blocks on top of each other
you have to stack them starting from the bottom using the moving elevator platform
move the blocks half on the ground half hanging off the ledge
then push a block on the platform
time it so that when the elevator rises, a block will go underneath the other blocks
then push that so its half on and half off

kinda confusing, but if you still dont' get it, i'll try to upload some pics
i was stuck on that level too, died 47 times i believe! :)

good luck!
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  3. Anyone beat level 30?

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