Amazing price for such a good port

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User Info: Rufus_the_rat

5 years ago#1
Probably 75% of the HD "remaster" ports this gen have sucked in one way or another. But Okami looks and runs beautifully. The ONLY graphical anomaly I could spot in the first 20 minutes was slight screen tearing in front of a waterfall.

I'm surprised there isn't more discussion/excitement on this forum. Come on people, buy this game day one! It's a bargain. Support good HD ports or publishers will keep giving us cheap ones.

User Info: Dragon Quest 7

Dragon Quest 7
5 years ago#2
Rufus_the_rat posted...
screen tearing

I hate that word :/ I don't know if that comes from my PS3 but most of my games suffer from this problem (the worst of all being GT5).

Nevertheless I'll buy the game :) (I have to wait a little bit since I live in Europe).

User Info: Agent_Xoa

5 years ago#3
Konami makes Capcom look so good. It's basically that ugly chick (Konami) standing next to the decent looking one (Okami/Capcom.)

This port has been spot on for me so far, I can't really tell if something is running at 30 or 60 FPS, or if there's minor fluctuation between the two, but I've never noticed any slowdown that effected movement or gameplay. I haven't noticed any screen tearing on my 720p TV either.

Apparently there's a lot of small graphical issues that appeared in the Wii version that have been remedied in this one, so that's also a plus. Pop-in is still in there, but the original had it and it's not bothersome. Either way, I'm really happy with my purchase so far.
"Patience is the darkest side of power."

User Info: ministerkataoka

5 years ago#4
This game was expertly ported. Developer HexaDrive really redeemed themselves with this one after the lousy The Third Birthday on the PSP.
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