What is your Planned First Master Unit?

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User Info: avenue20

5 years ago#1
Mine will be Banagher and his Unicorn.
how about you guys?

User Info: ForteCanSwim

5 years ago#2

User Info: hell_tanuki

5 years ago#3
I'm still not too sure yet, I usually choose either Loran or Usso. But I think I could see myself try Amuro (0079), Gato or Judau... or maybe Tobia or Graham... I'll probably choose when we'll have the skill list =3
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User Info: Curemaster

5 years ago#4
Anyone with the "Gundam Killer" skill... :D
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User Info: HaganenoTamashi

5 years ago#5
Garrod and GX Divider or DX. It would be a killer if they add G-Bits Attack (and in Divider's case. the Bazooka)
PSN: Hagane_no_Yuusha

User Info: DukeZero

5 years ago#6
Tobia. I like him, he'll probably unlock Kincaid for purchase, and I love the Crossbone Gundams.
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User Info: Zeik_Yamato

5 years ago#7
Since Dkira won't be available I'll probs go Tobia or Judau depending on which one I think will be the harder MS line to break into.
PSN WingedChaos
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User Info: Vincent_Vincent

5 years ago#8
What is a 'Master Unit' ??

User Info: Windfoxie

5 years ago#9
Strike Freedom is becoming a disappointment for me. Raiser 00 with SFS ;)
PSN: jalaja91
"if i can kill as much as i die i be doing great"

User Info: ForteCanSwim

5 years ago#10
Vincent_Vincent posted...
What is a 'Master Unit' ??

It's a free character that comes with a matching unit that you pick at the beginning of the game and several times later after X number of stages. In Wars they unlocked related characters to purchase but in World it was basically just a free character.
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  3. What is your Planned First Master Unit?

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