is gundam age really strong?

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  3. is gundam age really strong?

User Info: Riders98

5 years ago#1
i wonder between unicorn and age,who is the strongest? (yours opinion guys,no hard feelings,just wanna know)

User Info: Sid_Icarus

5 years ago#2
No real way to compare them considering they're from different centuries and operate on different rules.
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User Info: Daichi_Sumeragi

5 years ago#3
Unicorn is definitely stronger.
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User Info: bornonafriday

5 years ago#4
Unicorn is strong, for sure, but I can imagine that the AGE system would only continue to evolve and produce stronger and stronger Gundams until there is one stronger than it. But if we're talking about the series themselves, that's a different conversation...
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User Info: Kyosuke_Nanbu07

5 years ago#5
Unicorn definitely. Better ms design (design by katoki hajime) and better show too.
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  3. is gundam age really strong?

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