Evolution Disappointment

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User Info: enreu

5 years ago#1
I know you have all said "That evolution looks awesome!" and then you actually did it and all you could do was wonder why you did it. So, I am just wondering what everyone's evolution failure or failures are. Mines was....

Epyon to Gundam Aquarius....I cried.

User Info: STT_Zidane

5 years ago#2
you can always change it back provided you level back up

and ummm, ...Anti-MD Virus is kinda cool!
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User Info: Think0028

5 years ago#3
Unicorn to Penelope made me so sad.

User Info: Davzz

5 years ago#4
I remember evolving one of the Zakus into a Zudah back in Spirits.

Back then there wasn't "trading" so if your evolution line was a dead end (and a terrible dead end line) that's EXP down the drain!
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User Info: Vongola889

5 years ago#5
evolving my Impulse become Destiny in wars was a HUGE mistake....
really Huge...
and Devil Gundam Jr. Into Devil Gundam Final Form another big mistake...
I always press the green light button after that
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User Info: z827

5 years ago#6
Kinda wished that they've kept the development line according to lore - then again , how on Earth are we supposed to get the Turn A or the Tallgeese if it is so? :s

User Info: fizzmaister

5 years ago#7
There needs to be a balance between being able to get almost everything by chain evolving captured suits and keeping the evolutionary lines true to the source material. Hopefully Overworld will address this with allies becoming enemies, letting us capture good guy grunts to chain evolve into hero MSs.

User Info: Vegerunks

5 years ago#8
z827 posted...
Kinda wished that they've kept the development line according to lore - then again , how on Earth are we supposed to get the Turn A or the Tallgeese if it is so? :s

Well idk about the Turn A but for the Tallgeese a Leo?

Turn A you could probably just make a distant gundam evolution.
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User Info: hell_tanuki

5 years ago#9
I'm not sure what you're talking about... For the Turn A and Turn X, you could just capture a Mahiroo (from here it's : Bandit > Turn X > Turn A > Powered Turn A). It's possible as soon as you unlock the B missions (B02, after the second Break) if that's what you mean.

I don't think there's any hard to obtain MS in this game, especially because it gives you 1 Phoenix Zero and 2 Tornado Gundam right of the bat. If you want something in particular and aim for it, you'll get it quickly if you know what you're doing. Hell, you can even buy more Tornado and Phoenix for cheap if you need them. I don't think I understand what the problem really is =x
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User Info: PokemasterAsh

5 years ago#10
Well, the slight downside is that despite the game giving you those units, I don't think any of them are registered in the shop (I'm not sure about whatever Basic unit you have...man, do I hate those things, but at least they help you get good stuff early). Phoenix Zero is at least an easy fix in that regard, Tornado Gundam not so much...

And there is some fun to be had in some of the evolution chains. One particularly fun one I know of from World gets you Zeta Gundam from a Zaku II. Zaku II -> Gouf -> Dom -> Rick Dom -> Rick Dom II -> Dreissen -> Bawoo -> Zeta Gundam

I don't think I've ever been completely disappointed by anything I've evolved something into to actually use. Aquarius wasn't quite as good as I thought it'd be for being Epyon's "brother" unit, but it's not entirely useless. Anything with GN Fangs in World suffers kinda poor performance due to programmer stupidity (why the heck did they change them from Awakening to Special Shooting? Special Shooting weapons suck!), but otherwise can still do a lot of damage.

There is one change I hope they make in OverWorld, and it'd be taking a page from World's book a bit. In Wars, Zephyranthes and Zephyranthes Full Vernian (why does the series seem allergic to using Blossom, Zephyranthes, Physalis, Dendrobium, and Gerbera's real names as of late?) were two different units that had to be evolved into each other. In World, they were a mode change, allowing for easy switching depending on what terrain you were handling. I would really like to see them do this with the Dom and Rick Dom. I mean, we all know damn well the two of them are basically the same MS, just different thrusters. Why bother? And I checked, it wouldn't hurt the evolution chains of either unit one bit.

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