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User Info: Rainforce

4 years ago#1

Hey look! All lame old animations are back!

Every game they update RX-78 animations, but Silhouette Gundam still has the same 4 lame attacks from Spirits...

User Info: Think0028

4 years ago#2
Oh boy! Let's see what I'm excited for in today's update!


Um... the Neo Gundam, maybe?

User Info: Baby_ragna

4 years ago#3
Nothing to get excited about. Tokio is good, but I want Layla

Damn, If only they include pirate Asem and AGE-2 Dark Hound... It would be cool to put them on the same team with Crossbones...

User Info: Zero_Blazer

4 years ago#4
Hey guys, let's all work together to kill the Big Zam!
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User Info: JackRydden224

4 years ago#5
They just keep on teasing us by releasing a little bit of info every day....
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User Info: STT_Zidane

4 years ago#6
>.>, all those IGLOO test pilots are taking valuable pilot space from other series
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User Info: ShadowKnux372

4 years ago#7
Hmm...did the Hildofr or whatever get a new animation? I also see they're calling the F90 Full Equip by a different name...and possibly a new animation for it's little beam gattling? I dunno.

Anyway, I'm fine with what we got; most of the holdovers still had pretty nice animations in World, and it's natural to focus on the new/long-missing arrivals in terms of animations than the more obscure and minor regulars.

I'm still liking what I'm seeing.
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User Info: AlgusBlight

4 years ago#8
Wasn't this stuff already in World?

User Info: shiro ashta

shiro ashta
4 years ago#9
Wow...SD Gundam GX and Cross Dimension 0079. I never thought I'd see those 2 Super Famicom games there. Guess we're getting the Pixie Gundam then.
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User Info: ForteCanSwim

4 years ago#10
We get SD Gundam GX every time, that's what the Tornado is from.
And we usually get Cross Dimension 0079 as well whenever we get the regular Efreet.

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