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User Info: Rainforce

4 years ago#11
LOL at they including Z Movie just for Haman's Gaza C

User Info: PokemasterAsh

4 years ago#12
Well, Haman's Gaza-C isn't new to G Gen, it's been in Wars and World and probably had a couple of other appearances prior to that. Also the Zeta movies are pretty much in along with Zeta because of everything else.

...Now I know I have an aging CRT monitor, but I still don't think that picture is of Haman's Gaza-C. Haman's is practically white (if not actually white like the Qubeley), those are definitely the regular colors on that picture. The screenshots may have it right, but otherwise someone definitely goofed updating the OverWorld site with that one.

User Info: ForteCanSwim

4 years ago#13
You're driving me nuts here man, look, Haman's isn't white, it's like a light violet.

This is Haman's Gaza-C in the movies:
This is a regular Gaza-C and Haman's Gaza-C SIDE BY SIDE:

The one on the Overworld site is the same ****ing colors and pose as Haman's in World. I don't understand how you can't see this.

User Info: PokemasterAsh

4 years ago#14
Well, as I said, maybe my monitor has seen better days. On my TV, Haman's Gaza-C is that light violet color and the regular Gaza-C is the regular purple and pink. I'd be able to pick that out easily. On my screen here, Haman's Gaza-C looks a lot darker in color than normal (and I've got brightness and contrast maxed out on it). Looked the same way on that screenshot you linked, but at least I can tell it actually is Haman's Gaza-C, just mis-marked.

Still, that's the only thing on the site this is happening with. Everything else looks fine to me (especially the pilots). *shrug*

User Info: ForteCanSwim

4 years ago#15
That's why I kept saying that the pose was the same as in World, even if your colors were off you should've been able to tell that -_-

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