A Beginner's Guide to Warframe V2

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User Info: DRAGON07891230

4 years ago#1
Table of Contents
Gameplay at a glance: AA01
About your Warframe Account: AA02
Loot, Marketplace, and Equipment: AA03
The First Mission: AB04
Weapons: AB05
Map Navigation: AB06
Enemy Weakness: AC07
Mod Fusion: AC08
Looking at Your Next Warframe: AD09
Additional Resources: AE10

DON'T POST UNTIL ALL 10 PARTS ARE ADDED (he says to a nearly dead board in the middle of the night).
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User Info: DRAGON07891230

4 years ago#2
-What is Warframe?
Warframe is a free to play 3rd person shooter/hack and slash co-op game. It features the Tenno; a race of humanoids that wear armored suits that give them special powers. Warframe could be described as a combination of Mass Effect 3, Borderlands, and Bioshock Infinite. It features up to four player co-op missions where the players complete various objectives: these can range from rescuing prisoners, to holding down defensive points, to sabotaging enemy ships. The game uses random procedurally generated maps made up of various tile sets. The game has a parkour/wall running system that allows for various acrobatic maneuvers. There are two kinds of currency: in game credits and platinum bought with real money.

Gameplay at a Glance AA01
*3rd person shooter
*Three weapons: Primary (long gun), Secondary (pistol/throwing knives), Melee (long sword/dagger/dual/two handed/pole arm/thrown)
*Frames: act as characters or classes. Each has 4 unique (optional) powers
*Health (non-recharging), Shield (recharging), Stamina (recharging), Energy (non-recharging)
*Powers all use the same energy bar. (If you’ve played Bioshock Infinite the mechanics are the same)
*Powers typically follow this formula: Single Target, Utility, Movement, AoE ‘Ultimate’
*Energy and Health can be refilled by orbs. Energy orbs (blue) drop from enemies and containers and Health (red) only drop from containers
*Melee has two basic attacks-light and heavy- both activated from the melee button (press/hold). Heavy ignores armor.
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User Info: DRAGON07891230

4 years ago#3
About your Warframe Account AA02
*There are two types of currency. Credits are free and earned through missions. Platinum is not free and can only be bought. Every account starts with 50 platinum. Don’t spend it immediately. There are certain things (slots for warframes and weapons primarily) that can only be acquired with platinum. You can also buy Orokin Reactors or Catalysts (upgrades for weapons and frames) with platinum. While these can be acquired in game they are rare (especially for those in the Pacific.)
*The home screen: At the top left you have your profile information. This has your overall rank (mastery level) which lets you access certain weapons. Progress to the next rank is represented by a blue bar. When you are ready to rank up the bar will flash blue and yellow. When you click on the bar normally you can see all your stats. When it is flashing you can take the test to rank up. These are usually quick (around one and a half to five minutes depending on the test) but can be either really easy or really hard. If you fail you have to wait one full day to try again. More information can be found here:
”3) You will not start out with Warframe skills active. You need to first level your Warframe (one mission will do it) and then go to your Arsenal. Under your Warframe picture is a wrench. Click this to apply modules. If you match the sign in the upper right hand of a power, with a slot that contains the same type of sign the power will cost half required slots. If you mis-match signs, the power take up double the slots. These marked slots are called Polarity slots.

4) Sentinels are equipped by clicking the Sentinel looking button under your Warframe's picture in the Arsenal. They come with their own Module slots, as well as their weapons being able to be modded. I -highly- recommend giving their weapons the FROST mod. It makes melee much easier and can save your bacon when being flanked. Author’s Note: The sentinels have power and weapon slots for mods. Their personal mods are called precepts. There are four precept slots. The order you have them in the menu determines the priority for the sentinel’s AI. The one in the top left corner will be the ‘most important’ one and the sentinel will interrupt whatever it was doing previously to use this power. (I recommend putting the mod that lets a sentinel recharge your shields here.) The order is from top left to top right to bottom left to bottom right.

5) Clicking any circle while in a planet's 'Map' will start a 60 second countdown if you're in a group, 5 seconds if playing solo. Even if only one person in the group does this, the location will start at the end of the countdown. Make sure after you finish a map you give your team a moment to upgrade. The diamonds will take you to new planets once they turn yellow. Its possible to do a location you don't have access to, if someone else in the group starts the countdown at that location.
Note: If everyone in the party clicks the same location, the countdown will instantly go to 5 seconds. Otherwise most votes win, with leader breaking ties.”

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User Info: DRAGON07891230

4 years ago#4
Loot, Marketplace, and Equipment AA03
Warframe uses a loot system determined by a random number generator. You can buy weapons outright in the marketplace (usually with platinum but some are bought with credits). Weapons can be modified with various mods. These can be randomly dropped by killed enemies. Frames can also be modified and you get these mods in the same way. There are companions you can buy (one at a time can be used) called Sentinels. These can be modified as well. Mods can do a variety of things such as increasing damage, shields, health, armor, adding elemental damage, adding abilities for frames or sentinels, and etc. There are differing levels of mods (in regards to rarity). In general higher level enemies drop rarer mods. Mods have a ‘cost’. Each weapon or frame has an energy level that increases as it levels up. Equipped mods pull from this capacity (again think like a battery). Mods have a polarity represented by a symbol in the top right corner. If you match the symbol on the mod card with the symbol in the slot the amount of energy it needs is cut by half. The wrong polarity increases the energy cost by 1/3. Credits can be used (primarily) to buy blueprints in the marketplace. Blueprints give you a list of materials you can use to make weapons, frames, sentinels, and more. These materials are gathered throughout the course of missions and can be dropped by enemies or found in containers. Once you have all the materials together for an item and have the required blueprint you can choose to build it. It takes anywhere from 12 hours to 3 days (real time-the game can be off and the timer still goes down) to make depending on the item. Usually weapons take 12 hours, frames take a day, and clan research takes 3 days.
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User Info: DRAGON07891230

4 years ago#5
The First Mission AB04
When you first start up the game you will be in a tutorial mission playing as a frame called
Excalibur. This is a melee oriented frame (Excalibur-sword of King Arthur). After you complete the tutorial you will have a choice of three frames to use. These frames are:

Excalibur: As mentioned previously this is a melee oriented frame. Excalibur has:
Shields: 100 (Average)
Health: 100 (Average)
Armor: 50 (Average)
Power Capacity: 100 (Average)
Sprint Speed: 1.0 (Average)
This is the best frame for beginners. He has average stats all around and a powerful basic ability (slash dash). He can be used for essentially any play style easily. He doesn’t necessarily excel at anything (except stealing my kills) but doesn’t have any glaring deficiencies either. For more information on this frame watch this:

Loki: Loki is a frame focused on stealth and misdirection. He is not recommended for beginners. Loki has:
Shields: 75 (Low)
Health: 75 (Low)
Armor: 50 (Average)
Power: 150 (High)
Sprint Speed: 1.6 (High)
As the loading screen says; this is a frame for more advanced players. While he can be used by new players he will be nowhere near his full potential. He can turn himself invisible and place decoys among other abilities. Invisibility gives a damage boost to melee weapons but the good weapons take a while to acquire. The radial disarm ability is very useful for high level enemies but not as much against low level enemies. His fragility makes him harder to use for new players as well. His speed makes him good at farming runs.

Mag: Mag is more of a ‘caster’ class. As her name suggest she has magnet related abilities.
Shields: 150 (High)
Health: 75 (Low)
Armor: 50 (Average)
Power: 100 (Average)
Sprint Speed: 1 (Average)
Mag is a mixed class. As mentioned earlier he is sort of a ‘caster’ class but for the most part doesn’t deal direct damage with his abilities. One of his notable abilities lets him cause bullets to change direction and hit the enemy targeted. His largest draw is his ultimate ability deals 1000 damage in a radius around him and stuns enemies inside the radius.

I highly recommend Excalibur for beginners.

There isn't room in the weapons post so I'm putting it here:
[Author's note: When I say "What I recommend upgrading to" I mean for a second weapon in that category. The numbers are only there for organization, they aren't in any particular order nor should you feel obligated to buy all these weapons (except for mastery rank points). These weapons aren't necessarily the 'best in the game' but they're good for the stuff beginners have access to. These should all be available without a rank up test (unless I goofed).]
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User Info: DRAGON07891230

4 years ago#6
Weapons AB05
-Starting weapons:

Primary: MK-1 Braton-This weapon isn’t really all that good. Heavily modded and with a good an aim it can be passable-but so can anything heavily modded.
What I recommend upgrading to:
1) Braton (the regular version): It has higher damage and fire rate. It has lower accuracy and clip size. It is a very solid all-around weapon that can easily be used even late game. This can be cheaply bought with credits.
2) Strun (a decent shotgun): This is the middle of three shotguns. It doesn’t have as good damage or accuracy as the Hek (awesome sauce weapon) or as high of a fire rate as the Boar (one of the fastest boss killing weapons in the game). This can be bought with credits.
3) Latron (semi-auto rifle/DMR): This is a very solid semi-auto weapon. Compared to other weapons it’s not that great when you first get it, but it is a very good weapon once you slap some damage mods on it. It’s great for late game (while not the best weapon ever, it’s very good)

Secondary: Lato-This is a mediocre semi-auto pistol.
What I recommend upgrading to:
1) Aklato (two Latos): You trade a higher rate of fire for reduced accuracy and a longer reload. Dual Wield (akimbo for you CoD people). These can be bought with credits.
2) Bolto (fire’s bolts-think railway rifle from FO3): This is a pistol that fires bolts (with travel time) that ignore enemy’s armor (if they have any). The materials are a bit hard to come by but worth it.
3) Kraken (two round burst pistol): This has decent damage and has burst fire (I’m almost certain that the fire rate is of each burst-not each shot). The materials are easy to find and it’s well balanced between damage and fire rate.
4) Kunai (throwing knives): Arguably the best side-arm in the game. It requires a *lot* of materials to make, but they are well worth it. It ignores armor, is silent, has travel time, staggers, and is great.

Melee: Skana-a bad weapon.
What I recommend upgrading to:
1) Dual Ethers (twin swords with armor piercing): These swords can hit multiple targets per attack, ignore armor, and stagger most enemies in the game. They also have knockdown on jump attacks (but it’s a small radius).
2) Dual Heat Swords (twin swords): These swords (well, sword/dagger pair) deal fire damage upon jump attacks and have very high charge (heavy melee damage).
3) Gram (a two handed sword): This is a two handed sword that is tied for the highest charge damage among two handed weapons but has the highest attack speed for regular attacks (two handed weapons). Jump attacks knock enemies down in a few meters range (aka huge). Even though it doesn’t have the highest regular swing damage at high levels you should only use charge attacks anyway (and it’s good for low levels to do this two for stagger resistance).
4) Orthos (a pole arm): It’s a pole arm with good charge damage. It doesn’t knock down on jump attacks though.
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User Info: DRAGON07891230

4 years ago#7
Map Navigation/Combo Moves AB06
From: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/2786-combo-moves-discovered/
1. Basic Combos
2. Stealth kill and downed enemies
3. Advanced Combos
4. Wall walking + advanced wall walking
5. Power "Combos" (stuff that synergizes with other things)

Jump= Spacebar
Melee= E
Crouch= Ctrl
Sprint= Shift
Aim= RMB (Right Mouse Button)
Move= WSAD
Roll= Move+tap Sprint
Block= Mouse Button 4 (consider remapping)
+ = "and" (push 2 or more buttons together)
> = followed by ... (sequential activation)
>>=immediatly followed by
# = connection point (Combo your Combos!)
* = *x* just happend, i.e. you hit the floor etc.

Base Combos
Sprint>Crouch= Slide
Slide>Jump= Forward Flip (in direction of slide)
Jump>Melee= Devastating downward Strike (a.k.a. Death from above)
- 10-100% melee dmg, seems to be related to drop height
Slide>Melee= Dash 360° Hit with swords, Big weapons and Bo staff, Furax will do uppercut
- 200-300% melee dmg depending on weapon, scales with melee dmg mods!
You can do it twice now, just keep crouch pressed and tap melee once more; Confirmed for most weapons

Stealth Kill:
Sneak up to your enemy until "Sneak Attack" pops up, then simply tap melee and you will perform a unique maneuver for each weapon, what a pleasure to the eye!
Attack downed enemies:
Walk up close to them, focus them with your crosshair, then simply press melee to perform another unique attack.

This post section is too long for one post (sorry).
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User Info: DRAGON07891230

4 years ago#8
Advanced Combos
Slide>Jump>Melee= Forward Flip to Downward Strike (doesn’t deal more damage, but looks cool and has a slightly longer range than the normal jump; hard to aim at first)
Sprint>Jump>Crouch=Air Slide# A.K.A "Dragon Kick" (combine to your likes) knocks back enemies while airborne
#Air Slide>Melee= Dragon Kick to Dash 360° or uppercut
#Air Slide>*sliding floor contact*>Jump(>melee)= Forward Flip (to Downward Strike) [jeez what a range!!11]
#Air Slide>Jump>RMB= Extended Forward Flip
#Air Slide>*Sliding floor contact*>Jump>Crouch= Airslide 2
Charge Melee>Sprint*Strike*>Slide>Melee=Double-Hit
(Hard to aim but looks kind of cool! Learning the distance when to start Charging your melee is key to this combo)
Jump > Melee >> Shift Twice (after you hit the ground)
(This cuts out a lot of the delay you get from this attack)
Try those vs Toxic ancients and Infested Bosses:
Melee>>Sprint>>Sprint= Rolling Melee
Charge Melee>>Sprint>>Sprint=Charged melee Roll
RMB+Move Back>Melee>>Sprint>>Sprint
Charge Melee+RMB+Move Back>>Sprint>>Sprint

Other Moves
Hold RMB>+Move+tap Sprint = Backflip or Sideflip
WSAD+Jump>RMB*fire away* = Aiming jump, like in Matrix or Max Payne (Get your Akimbo Pistols ;D)

Wall walking:
Note: you will keep wall walking as long as you press the jump and movement key or you run out of stamina.
Sprint>Jump (Running straight to a wall)=Vertical Wallwallk/ Wallclimb
Keep Jump pressed after reaching the peak altitude= slowly sliding down from max altitude
Sprint>Jump = Wall walk to Jump on release of Jump button (Running/ jumping at an angle to a wall not exceeding 45°)
Wall walk>Release Jump> Wall walk = Connect!
(Make sure to move your camera to the appropriate angle for the next wall to keep running)
Horizontal Wall walk>release Jump= Wall jump
(high range and altitude jumps, make sure that you are wall walking before you release the jump key, you only need a piece of wall the size of a coin to do this)
Vertical Wall walk>Release Jump= Backflip
Vertical Wall walk>Release Jump>*backflip*>Crouch=Front flip (regardless of camera position)
Any wall walk>Shift>>Shift>release Jump=Wall walk roll (said to allow you to jump over certain ledges)
Performed from a horizontal wall walk you will do a really quick forward flip jump

Horizontal wall walk to grab:
Horizontal-WW>Release Jump>>Crouch=grab ledge above you
Vertical Wall walk>Release Jump+Release Sprint>Jump+Sprint= Vertical connect!
Make Sure to look to the next wall in the right angle! you can do a new Vert or go horiz from there!
Wall walk + Melee = Dash Strike -dmg ~10-100% melee dmg
(also works while sliding down the wall)

Hit to your right side with swords, straight ahead with furax, other weaps will do their slide dash
While wall walking, simply press melee additionally to the keys you’re pressing. The frame will launch itself into your crosshairs direction. Make sure to aim left of your target when using sword. It takes a lot of practice to perform it fluently and with success.
In fact it is possible to wall walk around corners, you just have to press jump again after you jumped on your first wall. Sometimes you’ll get the Backflip wall jump instead, angle of attack is everything!
See this awesome thread
https://forums.warfr...enno-for-tenno/ for further info on wall walking
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User Info: DRAGON07891230

4 years ago#9
Enemy Weaknesses AC07
Corpus: Electric
Grineer: Armor Piercing (not armor ignore)
Infested: Fire
Shields: Frost (also slows everything down and is something to put on all weapons)

Mod Fusion AC08
This game mechanic allows you to combine mods together to increase the power level of that mod. Say you take a Hellfire mod (+15% fire damage). You can click on it then click fusion. You should see a bar on the side of the card. When you click on another mod that bar will fill a certain amount. When you've added enough mods to completely fill the bar the a noise a noise will play and the effect of the original mod will increase by 100%.
Ex: Take a Vitality mod (40% health increase) and fuse it with another Vitality mod. When you click apply it will now give an 80% health increase and the cost to equip will increase by 1 (from 2->3).
Keep in mind that you can't mix mod effects. If you use 2 different mods, the original mod will increase and the other destroyed.
Using the same mod will increase the bar by the most (except for fusion cores) and is the most efficient. Then mods with the same polarity are the second most efficient.
Don’t use frame abilities as ‘fuel’ unless you have duplicates. Getting them back will be very hard.
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User Info: DRAGON07891230

4 years ago#10
Looking at Your Next Warframe AD09
Before you get your next Warframe let’s look at the two ways to get them.
1) The Easy Way: Buy it with platinum. What advantages does this offer? First it comes with its own Warframe slot. Second, it comes pre-installed with a potato (slang term for either Orokin Reactors or Orokin Catalysts. These double your mod capacity). The third advantage is that it’s instant. The downsides: you have to spend real money.
2) The Hard Way: Make it.
-Buy the overall blueprint
-Acquire the blue prints to each piece. These are usually dropped by bosses. What boss drops individual BPs (blue prints) for a specific Warframe can be found at the wiki:
-Make the individual pieces. These take 12 hours.
-Once you have the three pieces you can make the Warframe (you’ll also need an Orokin cell. This is a mat (material) and is not a potato. Making a Warframe takes another three days.


Now let’s move on to what frame you want.

-Tank Frames: Frost, Rhino, Saryn
1) Frost: The best pure tank. He has ice powers (obviously) and his best power is snow globe.
2) Rhino: Got smacked around with the nerf bat. I can’t recommend him at all.
3) Saryn: A caster/tank mix. She is an offensive power house with the best (damage dealing) ultimate in the game.

-Caster Frames: Ember, Mag, Nyx, Vauban, Volt
1) Ember: Fire abilities. Only really shines against infested.
2) Mag: Magnets. Decent all around, but not the best.
3) Nyx: Psychic abilities. Only one really good power, but that power is probably the best crowd control in the game.
4) Vauban. Trap frame. He has two good abilities and two mediocre ones. He’s the best frame for trolling but is hard to get.
5) Volt: Electricity frame. Not really good compared to the others, great for speed runs and against Corpus though.

Stealth/Utility Frames: Ash, Banshee, Loki
1) Ash: Ninja. He’s very popular and a good mix of survivability and good powers. He’s a good jack of all trades in terms of mission uslefulness.
2) Banshee: She’s great at high levels by giving enemies spots for ‘super headshots’ essentially. Her stealth move may or may not be broken right now.
3) Loki: Manipulator. He’s decent, decoy is pretty good (but has low health), and invisibility is great for melee users. His other powers aren’t that great and are situational at best (radial disarm has too low of a radius to be amazing). He’s also good at trolling.

Healer Frame: Trinity
1) Trinity: Healing (as stated already). You’ll want one for hard missions for sure. She has full team heal abilities for not just health/shields, but for energy too. She also has two abilities that give her invincibility (one is pseudo for just her and the other is short and for the whole team).

If you’re looking to get your next Warframe check the wiki for detailed info and check here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKSzOMQMo9pd5tdbXabivk9O_NGEu1isL
for tips on late game play. Some of these are older and some frames have seen some buffs or nerfs though.
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