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User Info: TetraLink-DX

4 years ago#1
anyone know how to complete this sidequest?
not to do exactly and do not want to leave it unfinished

User Info: Fenriz14

4 years ago#2
Is a drop from the Goblin King (the one with a staff).

User Info: Potpourri_

4 years ago#3
Quest name: Goblin Collector
Collect 1 ”Crown of Junk" (ガラクタの王冠) From the Goblin King in the Goblin hideout on floor 82.

If you ever need to find out what quest you have, go to this site:

And look for the name of the quest. Right now the quest you are doing is "ゴブリンコレクターの叫び4", you can search for that and any quests after that are below it. Although you won't have someone who can read Japanese with you at all times, you can put the terms into a translator or something and loosely figure out what it is you need to do.

User Info: Potpourri_

4 years ago#4
Ah Japanese characters dont show on this board, didn't know. You can search for the Col Reward instead and find your quest that way. In this case, search 22620 and it'll show you your quest.

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