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User Info: megaorpheus

4 years ago#1
so, anyone can explain to me whats the meaning for the item symbol in the "other category"?

since one of the symbol probably belong to weapon upgrading material (I can guess but I want to be sure), and I don't want to accidentally sell them..
also, I really want to know which one is for loot or cash-able item..
"Well, It's the Black "Waltz," right? You think there'd be three, right?", ~Zidane Tribal, FF IX~

User Info: ronald1995

4 years ago#2
If you mean those with pictures of bags, I've used them in upgrading as well.
They increase the chance of success.

Not sure if that's the case for all the items with the bag symbol, though. Some of it may be junk, I don't know.

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