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User Info: AyanokojiAkuno

4 years ago#1
I've only started having this problem now in Floor 79

I found a list of skills from an archived thread on here and revamped my battle skill list. I threw in 3 skills that boosted attack speed/reduce interval/add chances for a double attack

Now, I've been having issues with the game lagging/hanging on me for no apparent reason. I initially thought that it was my having of 3 attack speed boosting buffs, active at the same time, somehow made my attacking too fast for the game to register anything else; in my case, Leafa would try to use a sword skill but hang in the load/casting animation, of her being crouched over?, and enemies would either stop attacking or still attack but once they would reach 0 hp, the game just kinda hangs.

I thought I fixed it by having just 2 buffs on and cast the 3rd to keep up attacks. Right now I was n the boos fight for 79 and it happened again. Granted, there are buffs going off left and right, but I figured it would handle it. And right on the last bar as well >_>

Has anyone else experienced this kind of issue before?

And Floor 79 has 3 quests? There were only 2 at first but now a third one has appeared, and it's not on the list to be cleared to fight the boss (as i wouldnt have been just earlier). According to the detail, I need 7 of something and I alreadyhave 6/7. Does anyone know what this quest is?
PSN: AkunoAyanokoji; Dragon's Dogma: Pawn: Kai, Lv156 Ranger

User Info: SilverscarZero

4 years ago#2
Check the board titled 'Sidequest'. You may find your answer.

User Info: AyanokojiAkuno

4 years ago#3
I checked there, they only have 2 quests listing for Floor 79
PSN: AkunoAyanokoji; Dragon's Dogma: Pawn: Kai, Lv156 Ranger

User Info: megaorpheus

4 years ago#4
I don't know about the lag..
try installing the data and turn on the "use installation data" on the option menu.. it's the one on the bottom

as for the quest, it's the item drops from the crab monsters..
yeah I know you already did that in the previous quest, this one need another kind of items but the monsters that dropped it still the same.. basically, just killed a lot of crabs until you get the items
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User Info: AyanokojiAkuno

4 years ago#5
How do I install data then, if you would be kind enough to help with that?
PSN: AkunoAyanokoji; Dragon's Dogma: Pawn: Kai, Lv156 Ranger

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