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User Info: Heavenwargod

3 years ago#1
Changing the default style armor on the heroines
The heroines that are able to do this are:
- Asuna
- Silica
- Sinon/Shinon
- Lisbeth
- Leafa

Sorry for fans of Strea (I'm sad too).

Every of these heroines have 4 armors. The first is called the Default style, while the other three are the Unique Armors named Attack (Red), Defense (Blue), and Buff (Green) types accordingly. When you're able to group up with the specific heroine, press the R shoulder button twice to praise them ("GOOD!") for the actions they take in battle (when out of battle you only need to press it once because there's no partner command menu). Depending on the action type, it'll raise the heroine's chances of doing something in that pattern.

For instance:
If you want to unlock the Attack style on Asuna, don't praise her after she does an action that is not with the Attack style (for example, if she casts a debuff on the enemies or when she uses a defensive buff on you). Praise her only when she does an Attack style action. That will make it such that her AI tends to do more Attack actions than Buff or Defense.
Note: you can praise the heroine for other styles, but it's better to focus on one if you're aiming for unlocking the Unique Armors, as other traits will fall in value if you praise her for one trait.
If you can't read Japanese, a simple way is to just press R once when you're in battle, the partner menu shows the color for the corresponding action the heroine just took.

Press Triangle when you're facing them and when they're in your party, and you can view their character information (the page with 'Playing Analysis' written). Here's an explanation of the chart:

Attack style (Red actions)
- Attack (Attack-type Battle Skills, which are all offensive buffs)
- Chain (whenever you use a Sword Skill, the heroine will activate her Sword Skill at the same timing in order to do a chain)
- Switch (by making use of Switches)
- Attack-based Sword Skills

Defense style (Blue actions)
- Follow (When the heroine covers for you when you're about to die in one more hit, etc)
- Hate (the heroine maintains the enemies' focus on her by increasing her Hate value)
- Defense (Defensive-type Battle Skills, which are all defensive buffs, including Parry)
- Defense-based Sword Skills

Buff style (Green actions)
- Cure (recovery actions, including the usage of items)
- Stun (using Battle Skills which specifically stun the enemies to stop their skills, such as Weapon Smash)
- Debuff (Battle Skills which debuff the enemies)
- Buff-based Sword Skills

You'll have to repeat such praises for quite some time, and check the character information page regularly. Once a certain aspect maxes out, you unlock the armor style for that character.

NOTE!: you don't lose that armor even if you start praising the heroine for another style later on.For instance, you can praise Asuna for all the Chains (Attack-type), and once you unlock her Attack armor, you can move on to praising her for Buff or Defense without losing the Attack armor.
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User Info: Heavenwargod

3 years ago#2
How to raise your weapon proficiency fast
When you're going to sleep or watching shows (which means when you're not using your PSP), group up with anyone and go to the Quest NPC to do the tutorial. When the tutorial asks you to do Switch, don't use Switch. Instead, just leave your PSP running.

The bees won't die unless you use a weapon that can cause bleeding, poison, etc. The lower the interval between attacks, the better. Weapon's damage doesn't matter. That also means that slower weapons such as the Axe and Two-handed Sword take longer to train. Katana and Dagger need some adjustments as they come with Blood and Poison attack types, so you'll have to switch target every now and then because the bee will die.

How does the Save and Load system work in this game?
There's no manual Saving in this game, everything is done automatically. Every time you enter a different area, the game saves automatically. When you restart your PSP and load, you'll be in the start of that area. You can use that to your advantage in order to get all the Last Attack Bonus on the floor bosses. If you missed it, simply reset your PSP immediately and attempt the boss fight again. Same for weapon upgrades at Liz's shop. Upgrade a few times, exit the shopping district and enter, and repeat. If it fails, just reload. That way, you can get a perfect upgrade.

Help! I gave Asuna a Fullface and Chainmail, how do I change her back to her original appearance?
See above on unlocking default style armors for heroines. You'll have to bear with it until you unlock one of them though, since the Default Appearance option only appears when you have one of them unlocked.

How to obtain Dark Repulser?
Last Attack Bonus for floor 98 boss.

Easy ways on recovering SP while in battle
- Step-in, press X to cancel targeting, Step-in, press X, repeat.
- Praising your partner. (50 SP)
- Parrying.
- Battle skills that recover SP, directly (eg. SP Charge) or indirectly (eg. Strike End, which causes you to recover SP every time you dodge an attack).
- SP potions
- Spamming Shine Circular if you're using dual-wield.
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User Info: Heavenwargod

3 years ago#3
Shields are horrible in this game
Fact. You want Dodge no matter what because it's simply so much better.

Why do some equipments cost so much in shop, but give horrible stats?
There are a lot of equipments that give hidden bonuses. For example, Ex-Charm gives bonus EXP. Experiment around with them if you want to find out all of them.

Easy way to beat strong enemies, such as the infamous Cerulion on floor 94
Use Last Resort, which will cause your attacks to ignore the enemy's defense. Then spam your Ougi Sword Skills as once activated, they cannot be interrupted. I personally recommend The Eclipse as it's the strongest Sword Skill, but other weapons can do the job fine too.

Feel free to ask questions, I'll answer if I can.
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User Info: yomikaeru

3 years ago#4
About partner relationship lvl

Lv 5: Nothing
Lv 4: You can talk only
Lv 3: You can walk around in the city together
Lv 2: Can become your battle partner and you can give a weapon gift
Lv 1: You can give an armor gift

But what is Lv Max would do?
If there is nothing happened then it is useless, right?

User Info: Heavenwargod

3 years ago#5
Nope, nothing else. You can gift armor before Rank 1 though; you just need 400 friendship points, which is somewhere in between Rank 2 and Rank 1's requirements.

I'm quite busy with some other stuffs IRL at the moment, but I'll look into the data files and attempt a full translation when I have the free time. Definitely won't be done anytime soon though, expect at least a good 6-9 months.
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User Info: yomikaeru

3 years ago#6
I think it will be more than that though. I have translating this thing for four months and it is only done by half. By editing the data it will take more time than that. Maybe you can translate it better since I never learn a proper japanese with a teacher, but still it will take about that long.

User Info: Heavenwargod

3 years ago#7
How to update the game to 1.01
When you're in a place with Wifi connection, enable your PSP's Wifi.

With the UMD in the PSP, highlight Sword Art Online -Infinity Moment- and press Triangle. Select Update, and you should get a prompt to ask you whether you wish to update to 1.01 or not. Select Yes and you'll get a 15mb update download, which installs on its own. You're pretty much done with the update!

What's in the update:
What the website says...
- Difficulty increase when selecting "NEW Game" option (Available after clearing the game once). You can change the difficulty again in Kirito's room.
- Adjustment to SP usage by characters other than the heroines, and increment to the rate they use their sword skills.
- Damage increase for Katana and One-handed Maces. Reduction for One-handed Mace SP usage.
- Balances to Battle Skill SP usage.
- Balances to Battle Skill duration.

SP usage update details
Sword Skill SP usage adjustments:
- Shine Circular from 100 to 150 (Dual-wield Sword Sword Skill)
- Strike Heart from 120 to 100 (One-handed Mace Sword Skill)
- Diastrophism from 120 to 100 (One-handed Mace Sword Skill)
- Thrice Blow from 160 to 120 (One-handed Mace Sword Skill)
- Brutal Strike from 160 to 120 (One-handed Mace Sword Skill)
- Trinity Arts from 160 to 120 (One-handed Mace Sword Skill)

Battle Skill SP usage adjustments:
- Backstab from 50 to 25
- Backstep from 50 to 0
- Sidestep from 20 to 0
- Intercepting from 50 to 0
- Misdirection from 50 to 0
- Defense Call from 50 to 0
- Shield Coating from 50 to 0
- Regeneration (not a spelling error) from 200 to 150
- Physical Beat from 50 to 0
- Speed Master from 50 to 0
- Sword Dancer from 50 to 25
- Dexterity from 50 to 0
- First Step from 50 to 0
- Dancing Blade from 50 to 25
- Gohou no Gen'ei (which means Illusions of Protection literally) from 50 to 0
- Strength from 50 to 0
- Vitality from 50 to 0
- Crimson Weapon from 50 to 25
- Madness Blow from 50 to 25
- Stalwart Shangri-La from 50 to 25
- Bloody Beak from 100 to 50
- ***** Kaihi no Shiji (lit. Instructions for Danger Aversion, bloody GameFAQs censor) from 50 to 0
- Aitemu Shiyou Sokudo UP (Item Usage Speed UP) from 50 to 0
- Warcry from 50 to 25
- Brave Soul from 50 to 25
- Counter from 100 to 50
- Burst Error from 50 to 0

- Bug regarding weapons that have exact same stats upgrade getting deleted fixed (eg. having two Remain's Hearts with both +10 AGI build in your inventory will delete one of them).
- "Quick Recast" bug/exploit removed (not describing it as it's somewhat abusing a glitch).
- Several Battle Skill durations increased (eg. Sword Dancer and Quick Skill increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds)

And yep, I'm aware of the difficulties with extracting and decrypting files from this game in particular. I've worked on other games but it's been quite some time since I tried. As for language-wise, there shouldn't be any problem as Japanese is my one of my native languages. Thanks for the advices.
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User Info: Heavenwargod

3 years ago#8
Wanted to put this in my first post, but somehow I forgot about it.

Anyway, images of how the Attack/Defense/Buff Type armors look like:

<3 Buff Type Silica


How to get the signature/default items that Kirito and Asuna had in the novels/anime?
Dark Repulser (the sword Lisbeth made for Kirito using the dragon crystal ingot): Last Attack Bonus from Boss on Floor 100.

Elucidator (the jet-black sword that Kirito was using before revealing his Dual Wield Unique Skill): Clear Floor 98 (You just have to clear it, the LA Bonus is something else).

Coat of Midnight (Kirito's signature black coat that he received as the LA Bonus on Floor 1): A mission on Floor 96. Mission: Defeat 1 Executioner (3rd floor of Seikihei no Kendou if that made any sense, it should be the second mission that you'll come across).
Trivia: Despite having the name 'Coat of Midnight', the appearance of the 'Coat of Midnight' in the game is completely different from the one that appeared in the novel/anime. The 'Coat of Midnight' in this game has the appearance of Blackwyrm Coat instead.

Boot of Midnight: Reward from defeating the first boss on Floor 100, not a LA Bonus item.

Lambent Light (Asuna's signature rapier, made by Lisbeth): LA Bonus for boss on Floor 91.

Bloody Cloth (Asuna's original Knight of Blood uniform in the novels/anime): After reaching Floor 100, you can purchase it from the shop on Floor 76. It'll be in the shop as well after you start a NEW Game after completing the game once.
Note: The armor given to heroines will reset after you start NEW Game, so you have to buy and give it to Asuna again if you want her to wear Bloody Cloth.

True identity of the final boss for anyone who wants to know: (heavy spoilers!)
Hollow Avatar, the same red-hooded avatar that Kayaba Akihiko used to make the announcement back on the 1st floor. Alberich explains that he found it in the game data as the "Final Boss" of the game, which means that Kayaba intended to use Hollow Avatar as the final boss.

Who is Alberich and what happened to him?:
If being voiced by Koyasu Takehito wasn't obvious enough, yes, Alberich is Sugou Nobuyuki, the primary antagonist of the Fairy Dance arc in the anime/novels. Due to an accident while he was doing tests, he got dragged into the world of SAO. However, he possesses a "super account" as he's officially the one in-charge after Kayaba Akihiko's deeds were exposed to the world, and hence, was able to cheat by giving himself incredibly high stats and good equipments, but as Kirito observed from his duel with him, despite his stats, he fought as if he was a complete beginner. He and his lackeys were also able to bypass the <<Ethics Code>> and <<Anti-Criminal Code>>, and using that, he kidnapped many players to do tests on them. After some events on Floor 98, he was thrown into prison. After clearing SAO (Infinity Moment's version), Kirito reveals that Sugou was removed of his authority as the one in-charge of RECT, and is no longer Asuna's fiance.
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