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User Info: GuyNamedDavid

4 years ago#1
Attendance: 31 Days (all in a row, too)
Training Grade: Star
Awards Unlocked: 69

Concentration Challenge: 21 min. 16 sec. (it stopped getting harder, could have gone as long as I wanted)

Devilish Calculations: 7-Back (just set today)
Devilish Pairs: Level 17 (just set this one today too)
Devilish Mice: 7-Mouse (why did they have to increase the grid size)
Devilish Reading: Level 8 (beaten)
Devilish Shapes: 5-Back (my worst)
Devilish Blocks: Level 10
Devilish Cups: 7-Cup (long plateau, record-break to come)
Devilish Listening: 6-Back (plateauing here too)

Calculations x 20: 13 sec.
Word Attack: 1 min. 27 sec.
By the Numbers: 32 sec. (pt. 20)
Sum Totaled: Battle: 515 pts.
Word Attack: Space: 507 pts.
Change Maker: 25 sec.
Calculations x 100: 1 min. 32 sec. (pt. 33)
Sum Totaled: 1 min. 13 sec.

Block Head: 31 Stages
Klondike (Normal): 8 Wins
Piano Player: 100 pts. (five times) (worst score: a bit over 80 on eighth song, Kalinka)
Spider Solitaire (Easy): 5 Wins
Peg Solitaire: 17 Stages
Word Blend: 92 pts.
Golf Solitaire (Normal): 2 Wins
Low to High: 58 pts. (only score)

Blob Blast (Easy): 3033 pts.
(Normal): 2472 pts.
(Hard): 1565 pts.
Germ Buster (Easy): 492 pts.
(Normal): 256 pts. (did worse than on Hard, but hardly ever play Relaxation)
(Hard): 264 pts.

What records have you all got?

User Info: Spanish_Bread

4 years ago#2
Attendance: 80 Days
Training Grade: 3 Star
Awards Unlocked: 90

Concentration Challenge: 19 min. 55 sec.

Devilish Calculations: Fast 11-Back
Devilish Pairs: 32
Devilish Mice: Fast 7-Mouse
Devilish Reading: Level 8
Devilish Shapes: Fast 13-Back
Devilish Blocks: Level 11
Devilish Cups: 10-Cup
Devilish Listening: 8-Back

Calculations x 20: 11 sec.
Word Attack: 1 min. 25 sec.
By the Numbers: 31 sec.
Sum Totaled: Battle: 607 pts.
Word Attack: Space: 660 pts.
Change Maker: 30 sec.
Calculations x 100: 1 min. 04 sec.
Sum Totaled: 44 sec.
Time Lapse: 35 sec.

Block Head: 60 Stages
Klondike: 60 Wins(normal); 5 Wins(hard)
Piano Player: 100 pts.
Spider Solitaire: 2 Wins(easy); 41 Wins(normal); 12 Wins(hard)
Peg Solitaire: 58 Stages -(can't finish stage 58 & 59 XD )
Word Blend: 93 pts.
Golf Solitaire: 42 Wins(normal); 1 Win(hard)
Low to High: 78 pts.
Mahjong Solitaire: 1 Win(normal); 38 Wins(hard)

Blob Blast (Hard): 4482 pts.
Germ Buster (Hard): 1383 pts.

User Info: HADAA

4 years ago#3
So can I post my record too? I take it as a yes.
Day 17 (skipped one day)
62 awards


Fast 11-Back (plateauing)
L14 (I'm still game)
Fast 5-Mouse (dropped to Fast 4 today)
L8 (beaten)
Fast 10-Back (plateauing)
L10 (plateauing)
Fast 7-Cup (plateauing)
Fast 7-Back (plateauing)

628 pts
619 pts
(Still locked)
(Still locked)

Won't post the rest since the record for the Brain Training part means nothing to me.

User Info: chillv

4 years ago#4
I wish I had this game. I can only show you my results from devilish calculations from the demo at the moment.

Devilish Calculations: 2-back (I can't get to 3-back)

When I get the real game, I will post my records.

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