best car for t3 ?

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User Info: gatman85

5 years ago#1
i am up to teir 3 and want to pick the best car
i used the camaro for t2 and killed everyone
just want to make sure before i spend 120k on zl1

User Info: lordmagnet

5 years ago#2
I myself chose the C6 Corvette for T3 after running the Camaro SS for T2. But after running some tests I have concluded:

Mustang Boss 302 > Corvette C6 > Camaro ZL1

I came to this conclusion by testing the opponent AI in the T3 Regulation Race Pro mode and writing down their end race times. I figured this was pretty accurate because all these vehicles were rated at T3 468 and the AI probably has consistent driving. Here were the recorded results:

ZL1 = 11.763 | 11.756
C6 = 11.709 | 11.705
302 = 11.625 | 11.621 | 11.619 | 11.601 | 11.594 | 11.609

User Info: Vendettagod

5 years ago#3
Correction. The best car for Tier 3 in order is
Mustang Boss LS > BMW M3 Coupe > Mustang Boss 302 > Corvette C6 > Camaro ZL1 > Yoshiro's Nissan 370Z

This is based on average ranking for each car after receiving maximum upgrades.
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