Civil wars, occurrences, causes and how many?

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User Info: Liandro

4 years ago#1
I had one civil war earlier in my game and lost about 1/5 of my empire, had maybe 14-16 provinces, not sure what the hell caused it. Now as my imperium bar nears full I see that it reads Civil war nears... So does that mean I'll have to deal with another 10-14 stack of goddamm Macedonian nobles?

User Info: Zukkus

4 years ago#2
Start assassinating/marrying away generals of other houses and replace them with generals of your house if possible.
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User Info: deathman9

4 years ago#3
The cause of Civil War is probably when your Family head becomes EXTREMELY popular(like Caesar did) thus being put in a position to create change. Change is unpopular to established institutions, unless it comes from the said institutions. This creates a divide in a State between the people who support change(and by default you the great man who should be dictator so you can bring it to the country) and those who are happy or at least content with the currant state of affairs.

In Caesars case, The top of Romes society were using slave labor for most of the work instead of hiring Roman Citizens, creating massive poverty. ( Kinda like the illegals in the US. The Corporate-Government Mafia uses them to bringing down wages so they can pay less for the same work and get more for them selves. )

The way to win is politics.

Make sure your house is the one with the most Generals and Admirals. Preferably all of them. I haven't had a civil way yet, but from historical and practical points of view, it would make perfect sense that the way for a Mafia to take control of a state with little opposition is by having as many "family members" as possible in positions of power.
In Rome 2, the positions of power are Generals and Admirals.
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User Info: Mei_von_Karma

4 years ago#4
There will only be one civil war per game.

User Info: sonofliber

4 years ago#5
well i had a civil war with sparta, had other families commander commanding some of my troops, and i didnt have a lot of gravita, whrn the civil war hit, i was assaulted with 8 enemy generals of 12 units each and i also lost sparta, this was ciompletly random (and actually pretty easy to deal with)
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User Info: pliskin33

4 years ago#6
I still haven't had my civil war.

I'm getting really worried about it. Most of my armies are composed of pretty basic units. Yeah, they're nearly all rank 9 badasses, but I doubt they'd hold up well against armies of Praetorians.

That and my armies are oddly spread out. 3 Legions in each area of advance and 1 legion left behind to hold a front if it's staring open at the world.

I've got 3 fronts open and 2 that are closed off.
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User Info: markcsii

4 years ago#7
My first civil war experience was during my current Sparta playthrough.

The Sparta Gerousa or whatever spawned in a minor city in the north. But I've consistently left an army within a turn or two of every other settlement I owned at that point, which was basically the Balkan peninsula and Italy.

The civil war ended in one turn.
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User Info: TheMightyOak

4 years ago#8
Just had my Civil war as pontus yesterday. It occurred a short while after my imperium meter had reached the final segment. If you mouse over that last segment and hold it there, it even tells you that civil war is imminent because your empire is too large and other factions wish to seize power. I've read similar stories of other folks claiming they didnt get rebellion till a large imperium size.

Oh yea and I was at 41% to 59% with my family's faction when it occurred. Spawned only 6 stacks of pontic units outside my capital, not even the best units just random mixes of all the units I could recruit except the highest(pontic royal cavalry and bronze shield pikemen) I think becaue I hadn't built the royal barracks necessary to make them yet.

I've seen screenshots of other games spawning 15-25 stacks of units so I think maybe family control has something to do with how extreme the rebellion is, with a lower family influence actually being better for the Civil war(which makes no sense of course when most actions you do in the politics tab cost you influence and give you a benefit.)

I think I may start a new campaign and just try my best to have the lowest influence possible and see if the war starts differently.

User Info: Liandro

4 years ago#9
Finally reached supremacy on the imperium meter, no new civil war after the first one, pretty relieved that there is indeed only one.

User Info: Hum_Wha

4 years ago#10
My First civil was was with Macedonia i had units stretching from Africa to Arabia.

Athens rebelled with so many stacks it was hard at first because i only had 2 they had 8. they took over south Greece and split up i called in units from Africa and it was over in 3 turns. Once they split up and attacked my major cities they got crushed.
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