How long is the game?

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User Info: Legion1234

4 years ago#1
Watched some streams and read reviews, looks pretty solid but i haven't heard anything about play time. For those who have beat the game how long did it take? THX in advance :D

User Info: StorStark

4 years ago#2
3-5 hours maybe. Less if you're good at it. I think.
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User Info: whyterose86

4 years ago#3
I'd say 4-6 hours(with41/2 to 5 being more likely), but that's not counting replaying which the game u
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User Info: mrwriter

4 years ago#4
Anyone know how many chapters are there?
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User Info: whyterose86

4 years ago#5
19 chapters I believe. 20 with the prelude

User Info: CatalystGuitar18

4 years ago#6
I beat it in about 2.5-3 hours, but it's one of those games that's incredibly replayable. ****'s just fun man.
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User Info: Lawman_316

4 years ago#7
according to Steam I put 9 hours into it already. There's a lot to do to keep going if it's longevity you want, though I predict that you'd finish it all within twenty hours.
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