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User Info: Majinx55

3 years ago#1
I need help with one of the hidden trophies it's between the WRYYYYYY! Trophy and thanks Gyro I mean it trophy I looked at the cheats section but I don't know what exactly what I have to do
PSN- Majinx5
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User Info: Stray_Zero

3 years ago#2
Well, the Trophy list there is based on Google Translate (seriously?) >_>

Anyways, here's the trophy list in (proper) English with the secret ones on there too.
"The Alternate Truth is yet to be Found" - XBL/PSN/YT/TW: NeoStrayCat (=^_^=)

User Info: Seiichi Omori

Seiichi Omori
3 years ago#3
this is the trophy where you have to perform Jotaro's Time stop during Dio's GHA
make sure you have 2 super bars stocked before attempting
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User Info: Majinx55

3 years ago#4
Thank you three more trophies to go for platinum I guess the last guy in the second post didn't understand what I said but I'm glad you did thanks!!!!
PSN- Majinx5
Nintendo Network ID Crazy_Pikachu

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