Here's the Opening 4 Minutes...

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User Info: aaronreason1987

4 years ago#1
This guy playing this game. He will be uploading more videos soon. Here's the first couple minutes..

User Info: fitbikeco10

4 years ago#2
Looks fine, and paired with the achievement list good enough for me. Thanks tc!
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User Info: PsyEd

4 years ago#3
The start was very well done....could be a surprise hit
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User Info: StnkyWizleTeets

4 years ago#4
This game looks great! I don't know why everyone is so worried?

User Info: midnyghtsson265

4 years ago#5
It looks ok, but my biggest fear is true. Not only is it not open world, but from what I see, even the towns are kinda linear. I'll watch a few more vids but I'll probably wait till this is cheaper also or rent. I didn't like how they told him to find a new way to the gas station.

The hand holding is just more than I can bear...let me survive my way!

Thanks for the link TC!
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User Info: Henryjksl

4 years ago#6
Hopefully it's just because its the beginning of the game. I'm thinking it'll open up a bit more after the tutorial part is over

User Info: Darque

4 years ago#7
Looks interesting.

I hope the rest of the game isn't like that.....

I'll just assume it was because it was the tutorial.
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User Info: durangodan

4 years ago#8
I think it looks pretty good. Seems very linear, though my guess is that you will have multiple missions per town that you can get through in your own way. Hope there is stuff set at night to make it more spooky.

One thing is that there doesn't seem to be any advantage to killing the zombies - there is no experience points or any ammo dropped that I can see. In this respect it really is more like the tv show / survival based... but it would be cool it there was an advantage to clearing all the zombies.

Haven't preordered yet.
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  3. Here's the Opening 4 Minutes...

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