stuck early on please help

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User Info: willytracks1

4 years ago#1
Hello, I am at the part where you meet the police officer on the rooftops who needs batteries for his radio... I do not know where to go.. I searched all over the pharmacy and on the rooftops and cannot find where to go. The main objective is to get gas for my vehicle but i cannot get past roofs.. thanks

User Info: G1243

4 years ago#2
it's in the police station. you gotta go back down the ladder, and through the door next to the ladder. you'll come out the other side on the road again
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User Info: PsyEd

4 years ago#3
You have to explore dude....get out of the store and turn left. Whatever you do...DO NOT use a gun/rifle. Go LEFT on the store (opposite to the gas station) where the car park entry is. Go up on the 2nd floor on the very left room you'll find the batteries.

Make sure you check out the station for goodies and talk to the guy in the cell. Again do not use guns. While on the fire escape close the door and shoot down the zombies below you....then go down the ladder to go to the trailer park to do additional mission objective. Then head back to the cop first....then go back to the gas station get fuel.
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