Like does not equal quality

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User Info: jackalope11

4 years ago#1
Reading a lot of topics on this board has shown me one of the huge problems with gamers recently, that is thinking their opinion exempts them from facts. Liking a game and a game being well made are different things. I'll give an example: I likeTwo Worlds, but I can recognize that the game is poorly made, with bad textures, bad voice acting, and a mediocre combat system. I can say that I like the game, but I would not defend it on the grounds of it being a quality game. People need to learn to separate personal enjoyment from objective qualities, and accept that you may like a game that is poorly constructed. There's nothing wrong with that. People flaming a game and saying its crap with no back up is annoying, but just saying "well I like, so it's good," accomplishes nothing. Gaming won't move out of this cycle of shoddy pushed out games if we gladly accept things without being ale to criticize objectively.

User Info: Darque

4 years ago#2
That's nice.
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User Info: Erupt50

4 years ago#3
Nice to see someone else that gets it. I posted something similar in another thread. Just because someone is able to find a way to have "fun" playing this game(whether its out of desperation or being a walking dead/zombie fanboy) doesn't mean it's a good game. Liking a game is subjective. Obvious flaws within said game are not subjective. They are facts. This game has many many obvious flaws from a technical and design standpoint and whether someone likes the game or not doesn't change that fact.
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User Info: carporama

4 years ago#4
There's no quality standards to judge a games quality by so talking quality about games is highly subjective..

User Info: hylianslayer

4 years ago#5
as long as you dont insult a persons intelligence or taste im fine with you not liking the game
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User Info: dudeitscool

4 years ago#6
On the other side of the coin hate does not equal bad quality. For example most people would be bored watching a movie like Citizen Kane but it's one of the best movies ever made from every technical standpoint. But people don't normally force themselves to like something because of denial of fanboyism. Sometimes people enjoy the small touches more than the overall quality. I personally think the game is mediocre but love the crossbow.
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User Info: Bikes-

4 years ago#7
carporama posted...
There's no quality standards to judge a games quality by so talking quality about games is highly subjective..

Bugs, Balance, Story (Not entirely objective, but there are qualities that make a bad story, such as plots and what not) Graphics (When it comes to style it's subjective, but texture quality and such is objective) Length (Depends on the genre, but a 1 hour FPS for example would be considered unacceptable) and to a extent originality.

Are they the only factors? No, even bad games can be amusing to play like how bad movies can be fun to watch, but there are factors to objectively review it's quality.

User Info: Darque

4 years ago#8
Games should only be measured by one thing - "Did the player have fun?"
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User Info: dataDyneSoldier

4 years ago#9
Well put, TC.

This game, from a non-biased perspective, is TERRIBLE. That doesn't mean that some people can't get some enjoyment out of it.
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